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Find your funny bone with Kwesé TV

Find your funny bone with Kwesé TV

09:00 SAST | 13 Jul 2017

It's halfway through the month and for some of us payday is a distant memory. Nothing like laughter to bring back your cheer and help you forget about your troubles. Kwesé Movies 1 has a rib-tickling line-up of movies to put a smile on your dial. Register online and get Kwesé now to join in on the laughs.

Being framed for a murder you didn't commit is no laughing matter. Nicky, the son of a New Jersey mobster, is in a serious pickle after being framed for murder. So he takes refuge in Tennessee where his misfit antics and spray tan make him standout a mile. But at least he boasts one skill... mixing cocktails. Nicky brings big city attitude to a small town and gets himself into a whole lot of trouble in Whiskey Business on Monday 17 July at 13:20 CAT.

Men, Money & Gold Diggers on Wednesday, 26 July at 20:00 CAT is about a happy couple who are about to get married. Caleb is successful, loaded and in love with his fiancée Paisley. Just one problem, "Paisley don't do pre-nups!" Where there should be love, a war breakouts and neither of these strong-willed people are about to back down. Will he learn to trust her true intentions, or will Benjamin Franklin come between them?  

Danny DeVito and Jonah Hill star in Just Add Water on Wednesday, 26 July at 16:55 CAT. It's an eccentric comedy about a decent guy, Ray (Dylan Walsh), whose world is turned upside down after he confronts the fact that his life has reached a dead-end. So, he gets mad at himself and decides to fix it. Will sheer guts and bloody-mindedness be enough to take back the life he has always wanted? A ruthless real-estate mogul and a crazy teenage drug lord stand in his way. Find out how he confronts his demons, both inner and outer, in this hilariously wacky comedy.

Every woman dreams of the perfect honeymoon - romance, passion, and blissful companionship.  But for Shannon the dream goes sour when she is dumped at the altar. What to do about that non-refundable honeymoon? Take Mom instead. But Mom has her own motives, which drives Shannon a little nuts. This strange honeymoon is going to be a vacation to remember in Honeymoon with Mom on Tuesday, 18 July at 18:24 CAT.

While on a road trip with his two kids, Lewis Birch (played by Griffin Dunne) hears that his mother is desperately ill. They take a detour to visit Lewis's parents, where Lewis discovers that his mother has died and his father is eager to patch up their troubled relationship. And then all of them go on a trip across western USA, retracing the route of early explorers in the region. An outward journey mirrors an inner one, as this dysfunctional family learn things about themselves they never imagined. If you like your comedies somewhat dark and brooding, then catch The Discoverers on Friday, 21 July at 18:05 CAT.

Temporarily Yours on Monday, 24 July at 20:00 CAT also goes by the name October Kiss and sees non-committal Poppy struggling to pin her life down. After being hired as a nanny for the children of the widowed and workaholic Ryan, Poppy teaches them to appreciate the joy in life's simplicities. Will Poppy learn something about herself from them?

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