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Get to know King Julien

Get to know King Julien

16:00 SAST | 13 Jul 2017

Introducing the one, the only, the biggest party animal in all of Madagascar, King Julien. This bushy-tailed ball of sarcastic energy has become a worldwide sensation after his debut in the Hollywood blockbuster Madagascar in 2005. If you want to catch him in action in the Emmy Award-winning All Hail King Julien, then register online and get Kwesé now!

Fun facts about King Julien:

  1. King Julien is a ring-tailed Lemur, which are found only in Madagascar and are among the most endangered mammals on earth.
  2. Lemur societies are very political, which means King Julien has his work cut out for him as ruler of his colony.
  3. King Julien can be terribly childish and self-absorbed, which means he needs constant help with his royal duties.
  4. Thanks to his love of a good party he is very easily distracted from his royal duties. The Madagascan jungle won't be the same again with him in charge!

Against tremendous odds he has risen to the challenge of being King of the Lemurs, all while shaking his booty to the beat.

The All Hail King Julien series is set before Madagascar and follows the reign of King Julien XIII. This time it's all about him, and he's loving it. Laugh along as he avoids his uncle who wants the crown back, while sustaining his awesome reputation as the island's biggest party animal. Don't miss All Hail King Julien, daily at 17:30 CAT on DreamWorks (Ch 505).

Fun facts about his team of royal helpers:

  1. Maurice is Julien's long suffering, a loyal sidekick. He is the man behind The Man and Julien's trusted Advisor.
  2. The famous mouse lemur, bug-eyed cutie Mort, is Julien's self-appointed Personal Assistant, doing anything the King requires.
  3. New to the Madagascar franchise, it's time to meet Clover. She never got a chance to live up to her dreams during Uncle King Julien's reign, but King Julien likes a woman in charge and decided to make her head of security. Did you know that girls rule the social scene in the world of lemurs?

This team has certainly got their work cut out for them; they need to ensure that the colony is protected from the evil and power-hungry Uncle King Julien, the dim-witted Foosa, and Karl the sneaky Fanaloka.

If you're keen on becoming the Lord of the Lemur's biggest fan, then be sure to tune into DreamWorks (Ch 505) to get to know him better.

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