Strive Masiyiwa announces Facebook winners of two Kwesé Sports quizzes | Kwesé

Strive Masiyiwa announces Facebook winners of two Kwesé Sports quizzes

Strive Masiyiwa announces Facebook winners of two Kwesé Sports quizzes

18:30 SAST | 01 Aug 2017

I am excited to release the results of two quizzes today, one on Kwesé Free Sports where we only had one winner, Canary Mugisha of Uganda, so he will get a bigger prize (decoder, satellite dish and three months subscription) FREE! Congratulations!

And for our second quiz today, on major sports exclusives on Kwesé Sports in general, I look forward to meeting the 10 winners this weekend at the NBA Africa Game 2017 (as long as they already have South African visas in hand and are ready to travel). The second-ever match will be held in Johannesburg on 5 August at Ticketpro Dome. We can't wait.

Now this quiz turned out to be more difficult to adjudicate than others, because Kwesé Sports has so many exclusive content deals to bring you the BEST of the BEST in the world. Many of you really did your research as I asked, well done!  Others of you had accurate, or nearly accurate, answers but unfortunately, you seemed to present them poorly or carelessly.  

I'll spend a little time explaining how the winners were chosen because it can be instructive for you in the future as you prepare to enter different competitions, including to win tenders for your business and so forth.

# By now you know how important presentation is, and attention to detail, even in a contest like this, so some tough decisions had to be made by my jury because this is a big prize! Remember, each and every word matters. 

# For example, some might ask (but no one actually did) what constitutes a "major" sport available in Africa? This can be seen as a somewhat subjective choice. Whilst some people consider their favourite sport to be "major," others don't at all.  

# While some of you named other sports exclusives on Kwesé, (at least one of your three answers was correct) in various ways the quality of your answer was less competitive than others or there were small inaccuracies. Remember, it's a tough world out there. You have to stand out! 

# Some Kwesé exclusivity agreements exclude South Africa such as NFL* and EFC*. If you mentioned this level of detail, this was an extra bonus on your behalf. Details matter! 

# Finally, presentation. Some of your entries were presented beautifully: a) formatted clearly, b) spelled correctly, and you included both your source and your country. Professional work. Some of you though, unfortunately, sometimes still made small mistakes, for example, in a detail you provided (sometimes the wrong letter of one of the associations).  

# Timing: The jurors noticed that many cases, some of you edited, or entered twice. When you edit (as I've mentioned to you before) the jurors must use the latest time stamp (when you made the edit) so some of you missed out because of that. Better luck next time. There WILL be a next time, of one kind or another!

Thank you to everyone for participating and congratulations to the winners!

Strive Masiyiwa
Econet Group Chairman


QUIZ:     Kwesé Free Sports
I will give a decoder to the first person from any African country where Kwesé has service, that answers these questions:
(1). In what African country did the Kwesé Free Sport Channel (KFS) launch first 12 months ago?
(2). How many countries do we broadcast KFS today:
(a) 10, or (b) 29 or (c) 18?  (11 full channels and 14 affiliate partners)
(3). How many people do you think were estimated by experts to have watched The Confederation Cup Final on Kwesé Free Sport:
(a) 2m, (b) 15m, (c) 80m?
[You must get all answers correctly to win.]  Answers will be placed on the news section of Kwese.Com website.] 3 July

1. Kenya
2. 10 owned channels (now 11, as we expand)
3. 15m

Canary Mugisha, Uganda


QUIZ:     Three major Kwesé Sports exclusives in Africa*
Next week, Kwesé Sports will host one of the biggest sports events on the African calendar, the NBA Africa Game, which will be held at Ticketpro Dome in Johannesburg on 5 August! I will give 10 tickets to the first people to answer the following question: Name three major sports that are available in Africa, ONLY on KweséSports. I will release the results on the website on Monday. (Please research rather than guess.) Note: If you live outside of South Africa, check that you have a visa, or find a friend to bless, should you win! Remember only put your answers under this Afterthought here.

Tip! Since I will be paying for your ticket and hotel (if you are from outside SA), please take it very seriously. For instance you cannot say something like "football" because there are many leagues, or "rugby"!

Kwesé has exclusive rights to scores of sporting events on the African continent (with different arrangements for non-exclusivity in certain markets). In assessing the best presented and most accurate specific answers to this particular quiz question, jurors selected winning entries who mentioned: 

# Basketball (National Basketball Association, NBA, and NBA Africa Game 2017;
# American football (National Football League, NFL, not just initials);* 
# Ice hockey (National Hockey League, NHL, not just initials);
# Rugby Africa Gold Cup;
# Council of Southern Africa Football Associations (COSAFA) under 20s and women's tournament; 
# Mixed martial arts (Extreme Fighting Championship, EFC*); and 
# African Netball.

Clare V Chitsa Makoni 

Abimbola Osaze Babaseyi
Neema P. Maduhu
Brian Zoe Kajengo 
Yomi Ibironke
Oagana Modson
Devon Petersen 
Boago BG Tshobo
Olubayo Majaro
Tembani Gwesela 


1.     If you are a winner, we will reach out to you ASAP. By noon on Wednesday 2 August we will need to have a copy of your passport, visa if required, and your bio in order to get travel arrangement made.

2.     Please look for a message in your Facebook messenger inbox. DO NOT DELAY. We reserve the right to cancel the prize offer in full for any reason whatsoever. Please revert immediately.

3.     As noted in the Facebook post, you must ALREADY have a valid passport, with a South African visa. If you do not have those, you may name one recipient who can attend the NBA Africa Game 2017 ticket on your behalf!  The prize is NOT transferrable except to a specified beneficiary who can arrange own transport to Johannesburg, South Africa. (They won't receive accommodation or related travel assistance. We trust you understand). When we get in touch with you, once again may we ask that you please send a photocopy of your visa, passport and bio, as specified, without delay.

4.     All other terms and conditions of this exciting prize will be emailed to you.

5.     We really look forward to meeting you this weekend. Congratulations once again and be sure to get back to us quickly!

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