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Worlds Collide on Kwesé TV

Worlds Collide on Kwesé TV

12:45 SAST | 07 Aug 2017

Are you looking for a new series to ride into the sunset with? Then you’re in the right place. Register online and get Kwesé now for your daily dose of drama, romance and scandal. Catch the premiere of this dramatic telenovela on Tuesday, 8 August at 21:00 CAT on Kwesé Stories (Ch 105)

Mara the Only One follows the story of a young man desperate for change. After a great national bank collapses, a Portuguese construction firm is on the verge of losing its biggest client. Luís Miguel leaves his family behind, despite their wishes, and heads for Angola in search of a new job and life. 

Meet Luís: This young engineer has a difficult relationship with his parents Jorge and Pilar and disagrees with the way his father runs the family’s construction company.

In the first episode an explosion on a construction site in Angola results in many casualties, among them is Luís. Enter Mara, a young Angolan nurse. She arrives at the scene to tend to the injured.

Meet Mara: Daughter of Norberto and Rosário. Mara has defied her father’s wishes by becoming a nurse. She works with underprivileged patients in Luanda and meets Luís when tending to victims of the explosion. Despite being in a relationship with Artur, an Angolan student, Mara begins to grow feelings for Luís.

Follow Luís and Mara’s forbidden romance that defies all the forces trying to keep them apart. With Luís’ mother and Mara’s father disapproving of their union, will these two lovers find a way to be together?

Catch Mara the Only One, Weekdays at 21:00 CAT on Kwesé Stories (Ch 105) to find out.

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