Informative viewing this August on Kwesé TV | Kwesé

Informative viewing this August on Kwesé TV

Informative viewing this August on Kwesé TV

13:00 SAST | 07 Aug 2017

Get Kwesé TV and get your dose of information about what is happening around you. From politics, to socio-economic factors contributing to the development of the world, Kwesé TV brings you informative shows to keep you updated.

Catch these informative news shows on Kwesé TV this August:

On Al Jazeera:

Witness: Mele Murals on Wednesday, 9 Aug at 22:00 CAT
Two renowned graffiti artists go out of their way to rediscover their heritage by working with the youth of Hawaii on a mural project that is inspired by their indigenous Hawaiian culture, language and tradition.

Witness: Going back to Pakistan on Sunday, 13 August at 17:30 CAT

An inspiring documentary series that brings world issues into focus through compelling human stories. Mr Khanna returns to Pakistan for the first time since he was forced to flee back in 1947 at the time of partition. He grew up outside Lahore, the second largest city in Pakistan and was forced to join one of the largest migrations in human history because of sectarian violence.

Witness: Chasing Asylum on Wednesday, 16 August at 22:00 CAT
Australia has managed to stop hopeful asylum seekers and refugees from reaching its shores via unofficial means. This exposé is of Australia’s offshore detention policies as told by asylum-seekers and whistle-blowers who worked in the system.

101 East: India, Pakistan and the Legacy of Partition on Thursday, 10 August at 23:30 CAT
In this two-part special, Al Jazeera looks at the events and conflicting politics that led to the greatest migration of people in world history. The India migration also unleased a wave of communal violence - claiming more than a million lives. As tensions between Pakistan and India persists, 101 East investigates the troubled legacy of partition, and the unresolved geopolitics between the two nuclear powers.

On Deutsche Welle:

Made in Germany on Tuesday, 8 August at 23:30 CAT
This show offers an inside look at the global economy, together with gripping business reports from the heart of Europe. Each week business analysts visit the Berlin studios to discuss details about current economic developments.

Kick Off! Life - More than Football on Friday, 18 August at 18:30 CAT
Kick Off! Life looks at the football world beyond the pitch. Each week the magazine team talks to German and international stars about their profession, motivations and aspirations. Going from the Chinese Super League all the way to amateur pitches in India and the whimsical players of Frankfurt, this show throws new light on developments in the beautiful game.

Germany Decides - A Journey through the Federal Republic on Saturday, 19 August at 19:15 CAT

The concerns of German voters are many. DW journalists Nina Haase-Trobridge and Sumi Somaskanda look at the concerns of the public ahead of the nation's parliamentary elections. Among other subjects, they discuss the refugee situation and whether these immigrants are still welcome.


CNN Inspirations: Body Smart on Friday, 11 August at 21:00 CAT
Explore how technological change is set to revolutionise healthcare in the future. Hosts Hala Gorani and Samuel Burke in front of an audience at the McLauren Thought Leadership Centre, look at cutting edge medical technology influencing our world.

Living Golf on Saturday, 12 August at 18:30 CAT

Host Shane O'Donoghue explores the United Kingdom’s golfing landscape. His first stop is Northern Ireland for the Irish Open to meet the stars who have been selected for the tournament. Then it's off to Scotland where he plays a round of golf with the country's most successful female golfer, Catriona Matthew and lastly a tour of Wales where he spends time with the legendary six-time major champion Nick Faldo.

In 24 Hours on Saturday, 12 August at 13:30 CAT

For clear ocean waters and the warm summer sun of Miami, tune in to In 24 Hours. Explore the sights of Miami Beach in a Ferrari, with host James Williams. Be intrigued by Gianni Versace's former home and meet celebrity chef Jeremy Ford for a seafood lunch, as Ford shows off his Top Chef skills. Lastly soak in the Miami nightlife at one of the world's sexiest night clubs, LIV at the Fontainebleau Hotel.

On BBC World News:

Britain's Forgotten Slave Owners, on Saturday, 12 August at 23:10 CAT

This two-part series, led by historian David Olusoga, offers a fascinating, in-depth look at the abolition of slavery and how it impacts British society to this day.

For these and other informative news shows get Kwesé TV; a world of information awaits you.

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