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Must watch kids shows on Kwesé TV

Must watch kids shows on Kwesé TV

13:30 SAST | 10 Aug 2017

Kwesé TV has the kiddies in mind this August. With school back on, let them sit back and relax with some of our best kids’ entertainment. Get Kwesé now to make sure your little ones don’t miss out.

For some people space is empty, but for the Space Racers it is filled with knowledge, fun and adventure. The gang has lots going on, from Starling being officially certified as a Space Racer to having to control Coach Pigeon’s malfunctioning Robocoach. But, they always find time to explore the solar system, so join Eagle and the Stardust students and discover incredible facts about our planet and universe in Space Racers, Weekdays at 7:30 CAT on Kwesé Kids (Ch 500).

The world's favourite feline hero, Puss in Boots, springs back into action to protect his beloved town of San Lorenzo in a brand new episodes of The Adventures of Puss in Boots, every day at 17:00 CAT on DreamWorks (Ch 505). Despite his tough exterior, Puss is a hard-core kitty with a soft side who’s always ready for a good time… and a warm glass of milk. Follow his adventures as he slays dragons, defeats thieving villains and finds a bit of time to woo the beautiful Dulcinea. He’s the world’s greatest swordfighter, a fearless hero and nothing can stand in his way, except possibly a pesky hairball.

POP (Ch 515) presents brand new episodes of Rated A for Awesome, every day at 09:30 and 17:00 CAT. Have you ever had a meanie teacher or a terrible day in detention? Join Mr Twitchy the monkey and his friends in this cool cartoon and make the best of bad situations. From experimenting with Noam’s latest invention, the auto-clothes-picker-upper, to celebrating the town’s 200th birthday, the gang is back and they’re more awesome than ever before. Join them on their daily adventures, turning the boring into awesome.

That’s not all we have on offer this August. Transformers: Robots in Disguise is back with new episodes as well! Years after we left the Autobots in Transformers Prime, Optimus Prime summons the heroic Bumblebee and tasks him with saving earth from new, and more evil, decepticons. Each new bot is a fully capable action hero, but relatively inexperienced in the teamwork department. Follow their action-packed and sometimes hilarious adventures, Weekdays at 15:00 CAT on Toonami (Ch 510).

Explore our must-see shows for August; and for more of the world’s best music, series, kids’ channels and LIVE sport buy a Kwesé decoder online. For a unique business opportunity apply to become a Kwesé dealer. To enjoy our selection of live channels, viewers in Africa can download the Kwesé App for iOS or Android and register for free.

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