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Makers Month Stunt on Discovery Science

Makers Month Stunt on Discovery Science

09:15 SAST | 09 Oct 2017

This inspiring stunt on Discovery Science (CH 425) gives the platform to amazing inventions, innovations and engineering tactics. With great shows like Invent It Rich, How We Invented the World, Rise of the Machines and The Gamechangers: Inventing the World, be intrigued by what we have to offer you this month.

Invent It Rich, Mondays at 20:10 CAT
Investor Mark Portney and his team look for big ideas to invest in: from backyard inventors to prototypes on store shelves. They pull out all the stops to secure incredible and never-seen-before inventions from their inventors. Will these inventors make it past the first project pitch to Portney and his team? Tune in to find which simple inventions dazzle this investor and which bizarre inventions get shown the bin.

How We Invented the World, premieres 10 October at 20:10 CAT - with new episodes Wednesday to Friday at 20:10 CAT
Go on a technological adventure to discover how the inventions that define the modern world - mobile phones, cars, planes and skyscrapers – came about. Skyscrapers are known to symbolise wealth and ambition, but how did a few crucial elements define the development of these massive structures. What happens when a wife and Scottish vet decide to put their heads together to invent a car. How has this invention shaped the modern world we live in? Find out the answers to these question and more on How We Invented the World.

Rise of the Machines, premieres 16 October at 20:10 CAT - with new episodes weekdays at 20:10 CAT.
Explore how manmade mechanical marvels work. Get a close-up view of CGI-animation of monstrous mining trucks, super-trains and mega-lift helicopters. Why is there a need for such heavy, technologically advanced machinery and where are they used. Be intrigued by a $5.5 million mega-truck that has enough power to pull a freight train. And discover the 'Dragon Dream', one of the toughest mechanical systems, that can lift nine SUVs, has the power of a race car and the ability to land anywhere; this Super Airship is really dynamite.

The Gamechangers: Inventing the World, premieres 30 October at 21:10 CAT
See the world through the eyes of the most forward-thinking and brightest scientists. Follow the trail of recent innovations into renewable energy resources, aviation and space engineering. This series also features one-of-a-kind access to world-class research labs. You are definitely in for a scientific treat!

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