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Thrilling viewing on IDX this October

Thrilling viewing on IDX this October

08:45 SAST | 10 Oct 2017

Get Kwesé TV and enjoy hours of non-stop thrilling entertainment on our mystery channel, IDX (Ch 430). Tune in to hair-raising shows like Ghost Asylum, Ghost Brothers and Ghost Stalkers. And for murder mysteries delve into the likes of Chandra Levy: An American Murder Mystery and Hear No Evil.

IDX has pulled out all the stops this Halloween. Got the courage to watch?

Ghost Asylum, weekdays at 23:30 CAT
The Tennessee Wraith Chasers are on a mission to 'capture' the ghosts they come across in some scary places, like an abandoned mental asylum - talk about insane. If spirits lurking in abandoned buildings feeds your dark desires, don't miss Ghost Asylum. Season 2, Tuesday 10 October at 23:30 CAT kicks off with the team hunting for ghosts in one of America's deadliest locations: The Rolling Hills Asylum.

Ghost Brothers, weekdays at 22:40 CAT
Best friends and fraternity brothers Dalen, Marcus and Juwan search the United States for the country's most haunted locations and uncover the truth behind their ghost-like activities. In Season 2, the Ghost Brothers visit Indiana to investigate claims of paranormal activity at the historical Thornhaven Manor. They investigate what causes these activities; is it a murder victim and his family fighting to be heard or could it be something else?

Ghost Stalkers, season one premieres 1 November at 01:40 CAT
Hosts John Tenney and Chad Lindberg search to discover connections between our world and the next and communicate with 'whatever' lurks in the spirit realm. In the first episode, reports of violent hauntings drive the hosts to investigate possible spirits at the Whispers Estate in Mitchell, Indiana. Is evil at work here or is it all make believe? Tune in to find out.

Chandra Levy: An American Murder Mystery, Tuesdays at 21:00 CAT
When the bizarre disappearance of Chandra Levy rocks America, it's up to investigators to get to the bottom of this mystery. On the day of her disappearance, Levy emailed her parents, left her apartment and never returned. Find out why her lover, Congressman Gary Condit, kept hampering the investigation. Does he possibly know what could have happened to Levy? Tune in to the investigation of this American Murder Mystery, that features interviews with her family members, a private detective and a convicted predator whose been a top suspect for some time.

Hear No Evil, from Sunday 29 October at 22:55 CAT
Audio recordings of killers talking can reveal much about their deeds. In this series investigators pay careful attention to each recording to sift out possible clues. The recordings become a crucial piece of evidence, and help reveal the truth behind the crimes and bring the killers to justice! This series reveals the most terrifying and truest sounds of evil, as killers unknowingly share details of their heinous crimes.

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