Monster Hunts and parasite discoveries on Animal Planet
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Monster Hunts and parasite discoveries on Animal Planet

Monster Hunts and parasite discoveries on Animal Planet

15:30 SAST | 11 Oct 2017

Sometimes it's not just about getting more entertainment. At Kwesé, we understand that you actually want to learn something new about the world when watching television or streaming your favourite shows.

This October, forget all about your regular programming and tune into Animal Planet (Ch 420) for freakishly scary monster hunts and parasitical investigations that will change everything you thought to be true and good in the world.

Remember reading books about the Wolfman, Devil Dog, Wampus Beast, Mothman, Lizard Demon or Bigfoot? Or maybe you identified these beasts from a fictional film you barely remember? What if we told you that Bigfoot, might actually exist somewhere in America? This month Animal Planet premieres the second season of Mountain Monsters where Appalachian Investigators of Mysterious Sightings are in central Kentucky seeking what is thought to be the first Bigfoot from the Mammoth Cave System. Starring the hunters John Tice, Jacob Lowe, Joseph Lott, Jeff Headlee, Willy McQuillian and William Neff - what was once a myth or a children's scary bedtime story might actually be a real threat hiding in the mountain. Hikers, beware.

The worst part about getting sick is when you try really hard not to. Monsters Inside Me Season 6 premiering on Monday, 23 October at 20:05 CAT is a medical horror that will have you rethinking the idea of living in a bubble to protect yourself from the parasites lurking all around us and looking for a host. Is your food clean enough, is your home sanitary enough, and are hugs or handshakes just a stroke waiting to happen? How can we protect ourselves? And if we can't, will these doctors and scientists unravel each life-threatening case before it's too late? You want answers? Then don't miss Monsters Inside Me S6.

If you thought fights for dominance where limited to politics or the office place, think again. Deep within the jungles on the magical isle of Sri Lanka is the deserted city of Polonnaruwa, also known as "Monkey City." Large populations of toque macaques have turned the ruins into a savage battlefield. Once ruled by Buddhist and Hindu kings, the ancient temple city is now home to myriad monkey gangs that fight for supremacy. Want to know more? Then set your reminder for Dark Days in Monkey City premiering on the 14th of October at 23:45 CAT.

We all love our pets but what happens when your cat starts acting like the runner up protagonist for American Psycho? This may very well be the case portrayed in My Cat From Hell. Jackson Galaxy takes on the most catastrophic cat cases anyone has ever encountered. His aim is to correct cat behaviour and improve relationships between felines and their guardians. Surprisingly, it's not only the cat's attitude that needs Galaxy's magic touch. Catch My Cat From Hell every Saturday at 21:55 CAT.

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