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Which Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz character are you?

Which Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz character are you?

08:45 SAST | 12 Oct 2017

The classic tale of Dorothy and her unusual bunch of friends has been reinvented on Boomerang (Ch 512). Parents, get Kwesé TV now and take a trip down memory lane with your kiddies this October.

Dorothy has finally defeated the Wicked Witch of the West, who is now trapped in a crystal ball, and is living in Oz. She has been made the princess of Emerald City by Queen Ozma and has lots of work to do. However, the witches' awful niece, Wilhelmina, is after Dorothy's ruby slippers. Will our princess be able to keep her slippers and run her kingdom all at once? With a positive attitude, and friends by her side, no doubt she'll be just fine. Tune in to the premiere of Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz on 16 October at 17:50 CAT on Boomerang (Ch 512). So, which character are you?

Dorothy: Meet the heroine of this cartoon who spends her time fighting the evils of Oz. She's fearless and ready to take on any challenge. If you're always helping out your friends and making sure your gang does the right thing for both friends and strangers, then you could be a Dorothy! Oh, and if you've got a thing for sparkly red shoes then she's definitely the character for you.

Tin Man: If you're always coming up with unique ideas and ways to help your friends out of sticky situations, then you and the Tin Man have a few things in common. He is always helping out the team with things he finds inside himself. And because he has a heart now, he's also super-caring and considerate.

Cowardly Lion: Most lions are courageous and bold, but this one has needed a little help from his friends to take his place as king of the jungle. If you're kind-hearted and love your friends and family, but need a Dorothy around to give you strength, then you might be just like the Cowardly Lion. However, being scared can be a good thing sometimes as it'll keep you out of trouble.

Scarecrow: Are you hungry for knowledge and obsessed with knowing everything about anything? Meet Scarecrow. Now that he finally has a brain, he helps his friends by providing them with unique and interesting information that helps them in all sorts of ways.

If any of these characters sound like you, then be sure to tune in to Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz weekdays at 17:50 CAT to get to know 'yourself' a bit better.

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