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Bellew vs Haye II - Kwesé Sports brings you the Big One

Bellew vs Haye II - Kwesé Sports brings you the Big One

14:00 SAST | 06 Nov 2017

A few weeks back Kwesé Sports brought you Anthony Joshua's victory of Carlos Takam. Heavyweight boxing fans are in for another major treat as we bring you Bellew vs Haye II. In March Tony Bellew shocked the boxing world by upsetting 'the Hayemaker' in a TKO win. The rematch is set for 17 December at the iconic 02 Arena in London and will be screened LIVE on Kwesé Sports 1.

David Haye is a British boxer who harks back to an era when heavyweights were lighter and quicker than today. He was the undisputed cruiserweight world champion in 2008 before transitioning to the heavyweight division. In 2009 he proved that size isn't everything by beating the tallest and heaviest world heavyweight champion, Nikolai Valuev of Russia. Valuev, who is seven-foot-tall and weighs almost 150 kilograms, had a 23 cm and 45 kg advantage over Haye - a record difference for any title fight.

Like David Haye, Tony Bellew also transitioned from the cruiserweight division and is a similar size to Haye. In their first fight, in March 2017, things were even up till the sixth round, when Haye injured his ankle. He soldiered on, but in the eleventh round was hit through the ropes, prompting his trainer - Shane McGuigan - to throw in the towel. At the time Haye didn't make excuses about the ankle, saying that Bellew was, "by far the better fighter." But with the rematch now confirmed, Haye stated that the first fight was a lottery win for Bellew, and will not happen again.

For this part Bellew reckons the fight will mark another loss for Haye, and the end of his career. There's plenty of bad blood between these two warriors, so much so that fists flew between them at a press conference earlier in the year. This fight will settle the Bellew/Haye arguments once and for all. If you're a boxing fan then put 17 December in your diary and get Kwesé TV now.  

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