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Titanic Clashes on Kwesé Sports - For the Fan

Titanic Clashes on Kwesé Sports - For the Fan

16:00 SAST | 09 Nov 2017

Kwesé Sports brings you a host of titanic clashes, LIVE and exclusive. Tonight (9 November) there's a big one in the NBA as the Boston Celtics host the LA Lakers. Celtics vs Lakers is one of sport’s biggest rivalries, and will be given an extra edge now that the Celtics are dominating the Eastern Conference and looking good to win their first Championship since 2008. Catch that game on Kwesé Sports 1 (9 November at 21:00 CAT).

Tomorrow (10 November) you can catch seven titanic battles as some of the best boxers in Africa take on their British counterparts in Friday Fight Night, LIVE from Manchester (KS1, KFS at 20:00 CAT). It's never been done before, a boxing showdown between the UK and Africa, with fighters from DRC, Zimbabwe, Angola and South Africa taking on Britain's leading talent. Four fighters will put their international titles on the line, including Felix Venganayi, of Zimbabwe, a particularly exciting prospect who boasts a 10-0 record (9 knockouts) and the WBC Silver Lightweight Title.

In more fight action from Britain, Kwesé brings you BAMMA 32 (ESPN, CH 310, 10 November at 22:00 CAT). BAMMA is Europe's leading mixed martial arts league, and you can catch half-a-dozen or so world-class fights, LIVE, from Ireland.

In another Kwesé production we also bring you the SAFLAND Sevens Rugby Tournament from Namibia (KFS, 10 November at 12:00 CAT & 11 November at 9:10 CAT). Catch teams from South African, Namibia, Zimbabwe and Lesotho in action.

Tennis fans are in for a treat with the Fed Cup Final between the USA and Belarus. The Fed Cup is the women's version of the Davis Cup, where the world's best players represent their country. Major stars CoCo Vandeweghe and Sloane Stephens will represent the USA against a feisty and determined Belarus who are punching well above their weight in the tennis world. Catch the action LIVE on KS2 on Sunday (12 November at 13:00 CAT).

Kwesé Sports is the home of NFL in Africa, and we bring you two titanic battles for NFL Sunday. Catch Indianapolis Colts vs Pittsburgh Steelers (KS2, 12 November at 20:00 CAT) and Atlanta Falcons vs Dallas Cowboys (KS2, 12 November at 23:30 CAT).

Formula 1 fans have enjoyed a titanic struggle between Lewis Hamilton and Sebastien Vettel for the 2017 Championship. The Briton (Hamilton) recently sealed the Championship to tie Vettel on four titles. But the season continues, with pride and prestige on the line. This weekend it's the Brazil Grand Prix, one of the most popular F1 circuits. Don't miss it on Kwesé Free Sports (12 November at 22:00 CAT).

In the times of ancient Greece, Titans were gods who fought for supremacy of the universe. Cut to 2017 and our superheroes are sporting adonises who capture the imagination of an appreciative public. Whether it's NFL, NBA, F1 or international boxing - Kwesé Sports brings you the giants of the sporting world.

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