Ghana's Akwasi Frimpong at 2018 Winter Olympics, LIVE on Kwesé Free Sports | Kwesé

Ghana's Akwasi Frimpong at 2018 Winter Olympics, LIVE on Kwesé Free Sports

Ghana's Akwasi Frimpong at 2018 Winter Olympics, LIVE on Kwesé Free Sports

14:00 SAST | 26 Jan 2018

The Winter Olympics has some crazily dangerous sports. High up on the list are bobsled, skeleton and luge. The competitors sit, or lie, on sleds and then race down a twisty, icy track at speeds of up to 140 km/h. It makes for entertaining viewing as the athletes push their sled, then hop in for a hell-ride.

At this year's Winter Olympics (LIVE on Kwesé Sports) there's extra reason to watch these events, what with the African competitors. Akwasi Frimpong is a Ghanaian sprinter turned winter sports athlete. In 2012 Frimpong was competing for a spot in the Netherlands 4x100m sprint relay team for the Rio Olympics. Unfortunately, just when his dream was about to become reality, he sustained an injury. But then the Dutch bobsled coach convinced him to become a 'slider' and have a crack at the Winter Olympics. He also received invaluable support from his wife: "My wife kept telling me that she doesn't want me to complain when I am very old about not achieving my Olympic dream, so I decided to give it a really good go."

If 'skeleton' sounds scary, that's because it is. You sprint for 30 metres and then jump on a tiny board face-down, head-first as gravity whips you along a bendy track. Frimpong, with his low centre of gravity and massive thighs, has the physique for the sport, but not quite the experience. He's only been doing skeleton for two years and will compete against those for whom skeleton is in their to speak. But Frimpong, who is sponsored by Cocoa From Ghana, has a four-year plan and wants to win Africa's first Winter Olympic medal in 2022. He also has a vision to promote winter sports in Ghana, having spent some of his own money on clinics for aspiring youngsters.  

Kwesé Sports brings you the entire Winter Olympics LIVE from PyeongChang, South Korea (9-25 February) across KS1, KS2 & KFS. You can follow Frimpong’s skeleton bid LIVE on Kwesé Free Sports (Skeleton Men’s Heats, 15 February at 3:00 CAT). And in the other mayor African story, the Women's Nigerian Bobsled also features at the 2018 Winter Olympics (Kwesé Free Sports, 21 & 22 February).

And, Kwesé Sports will keep you abreast of the Winter Olympics with an action-packed, 30-minute highlights show. It's the perfect way to ensure you catch all the big stories in a highly entertaining half-hour of world-class sport. Don't miss 2018 Winter Olympics Daily Highlights (Kwesé Free Sports, 10-25 February at 19:30 CAT).

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