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Eight reasons why Povetkin will beat Joshua

Eight reasons why Povetkin will beat Joshua

12:00 SAST | 05 Sep 2018

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No-on is giving Alexander Povetkin a chance against Anthony Joshua when the two meet at Wembley Stadium, 22 September. They say he’s too short, too old, too…well, too Russian. But this guy can fight. AJ would be mad to underestimate the threat he poses. Here are eight reasons why Alexander Povetkin may just cause the boxing upset of the decade:

1. Povetkin knows how to win fights. He was a top kickboxer, winning the amateur World Title in 1999, before going into boxing. As an amateur boxer he won the gold at 2004 Summer Olympics and ended his career 125-7, with all those seven losses avenged.

2. As a professional his record stands at 34-1 (24 by knockout). That solitary loss was to Wladimir Klitschko in 2013. But after that he improved his diet and upped his training regime, winning eight straight fights, six by knockout and two by unanimous decision. He’s on a roll.

3. Some say he’ll battle against the taller Joshua. But in his last fight he knocked out Britain’s David Price (six feet eight inches). And he’s dealt with numerous other taller opponents.

4. Anthony Joshua’s promoter Eddie Hearn is worried about Povetkin, saying, “I said to Joshua, you shouldn’t be taking this fight.” Hearn would have preferred Joshua to fight Deontay Wilder and is worried that AJ could easily lose against Povetkin.

5. Anthony Joshua is spending a lot of mental energy thinking about Deontay Wilder, a likely opponent should he beat Povetkin and should Wilder beat Tyson Furie. Wilder is calling Joshua out on social media and AJ seems to be falling for it. If AJ loses focus against Povetkin, he’s just one sharp uppercut away from disaster.

6. Some say Povetkin is a bit short. He’s 1.88m (six feet two inches), which is ten centimetres taller than Mike Tyson, and no-one said he was too short. Some have called Povetkin, “the white Mike Tyson”. Should he fight like the great Iron Mike, then AJ will be in trouble. The modest Joshua said that Tyson would have “battered him”, if they’d fought in the same era.

7. Povetkin has beaten Muhammad Ali twice. Okay, let’s clarify that claim. He won his Olympic gold medal in 2004 by beating the Egyptian boxer Mohamed Aly in a walkover. The following year, in his first professional fight, he beat Muhammad Ali Durmaz, of Germany.

8. Povetkin is a Pagan. That’s right, this man is no believer in turning the other check and being nice to your brother. He subscribes to the ancient Slavic belief system of Rodnovery and wears an axe necklace. He draws inspiration from the blood and guts world of Pagan mythology and believes the gods of war will be in his corner come 22 September.

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