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Joshua and Povetkin Weigh-in on YouTube

Joshua and Povetkin Weigh-in on YouTube

10:15 SAST | 19 Sep 2018

Catch the press conference and weigh-in LIVE on our YouTube channel: Press conference (20 September at 15:00 CAT) ; Weigh-in (21 September at 14:00 CAT)

Anthony Joshua is one of the most accessible of heavyweight champions. He’s involved in numerous charitable causes and gives generously of his time to the media. When asked about his extraordinary accessibility he replied, “What more can I do? I'm unbeaten in 21 fights and I do everything right.”

And through it all he has remained grounded and humble, not seeking praise or recognition. Recently he spent four hours at an open day, discussing – among other things – his taste in music, hairstyle and of course the possibility of a meeting with Deontay Wilder.

While his camp fuss about training schedule, nutrition, the risk of catching flue etc. – Joshua merrily keeps the publicity door ajar. But perhaps Anthony Joshua knows something they don’t. Sport is not all about nutrition and training, there’s also the sheer spirit of it, that human desire to carry the hopes and dreams of your people and fight for them in the ring like your life depends on it.  

Muhammad Ali knew this and was not only a sporting superstar, but an engaged citizen who took political stances on causes he believed in. He was an open book who thrived in the public eye, using controversy to motivate him inside the ring. When he fought George Foreman in Zaire (now DRC) he reached out to the local children on his training runs and got them to chant “Ali, bomaye!” This translates as “Ali, kill him” in Lingala. Ali’s accessibility, in contrast to Foreman’s aloof approach, meant that he had the Congolese crowd behind him in that famous 1974 ‘Rumble in the Jungle’ win.

Unlike Ali in the Congo, Joshua will be fighting in front of a home crowd when he steps into the ring with Povetkin at Wembley Stadium. And their enthusiasm for the local lad has been charged up by Joshua’s common touch. With that broad, generous smile and easy charm AJ is fast becoming Britain’s top celebrity.

Joshua vs Povetkin (KS1, 22 September at 19:00 CAT). To watch the fight LIVE, download Kwesé iflix and subscribe. 


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