Bellew prepared to crush ‘diva’ Haye | Kwesé

Bellew prepared to crush ‘diva’ Haye

Bellew prepared to crush ‘diva’ Haye

14:30 SAST | 02 Mar 2017

Tony Bellew is determined to silence David Haye when the sworn enemies clash in a heavyweight bout on Saturday night.

The 34-year-old Liverpudlian had very few (if any…) positive things to say about Haye, who he labelled a ‘diva’, following the pair’s public workouts on Wednesday evening.

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As it happened, ‘Hayemaker’ played right into that moniker when he strutted out for his workout at The O2 Arena after Bellew, shirtless and showing off his rippling abs.

“I am in a good place, I’ve done everything I can. I am someone who cares about fans not a helmet on a yacht,” Bellew said before laying into Haye.

“He’s extremely shook and that is the best way of saying it. All I am hoping for is he doesn’t cry off with some sort of injury.

“This girl has been going on about what great shape he’s in. He’s just scared because he hasn’t prepared right.

“I’ve prepared as best as I possibly can. I’ve prepared for a fight, an absolute dog fight, while he’s been preparing for a fight in a creche.”

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Haye, who hails from Bermondsey which is less than 10 kilometres from The O2 Arena, has chronicled his exploits during his training camp on social media and it’s these antics that have riled Bellew. The reigning WBC Cruiserweight champion, who’s belt won’t be on the line when he fights at heavyweight for the first time continued to call out Haye for his show off tendencies.

“What type of moron drinks a protein shake out of a cocktail glass on a yacht. He’s a liar and a fraud.

“I’m going to win on Saturday, whether you like it or not, you can boo, you can hiss, I am taking that little girl’s scalp. There’s a diva and a fighter and the fighter is going to crush the diva.”

Meanwhile, when Haye had his turn talking to the media, he claimed that Bellew had fallen for the injury rumours which he himself had been fuelling especially with his last-minute visit to renowned sports doctor Hans Wilhelm Muller-Wohlfahrt on Tuesday.

“[Muller-Wohlfahrt’s] given me the thumbs up, he said I’m better than I’ve ever been. He said I’m ready to go. The shoulder is better now than before I had the shoulder injury.”

“I feel like the old me. I’ve had fights where I haven’t been myself, but I stand here super-healthy and super-fast and fit.

“This is the unveiling of the Hayemaker 2.0. My first two comeback fights were getting into the groove, now I feel ready to make an assault on the heavyweight division.”




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