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Football on Kwesé Sports

15:30 SAST | 11 Jan 2018

Who would have thought that Dele Alli is worth more (in footballing terms) than Lionel Messi? In a study of a football think-tank, which considers a range of variables, including age, club performance, position and international status, Brazil’s Neymar comes out tops, with an estimated value over £200 million. Interestingly, Tottenham Hotspurs’ Dele Alli (21) and Harry Kane (24) are valued higher than Lionel Messi, their relative youth putting them ahead of the little maestro. Catch Messi tonight in the Copa del Rey when Barcelona resume hostilities with Celta Vigo (Kwesè Sports 2, 11 January at 22:30 CAT). And don’t miss the quarterfinals of the Copa del Rey on Kwesé Sports from 16 January. Thus far Real Madrid, Atletico, Valencia, Leganes and Alaves have booked their spots in the final eight.

And remember that you can catch almost all the top 20 most valuable players when they do duty for their country in the FIFA World Cup (starting June 2018). All 64 games will be broadcast LIVE on Kwesé Sports, with half the games (including the African ones) on Kwesé Free Sports. And, most of the players will be in the brand-new tournament, UEFA Nations League. This tournament doubles-up as a qualifier for UEFA Euro 2020, and involves Europe’s national teams. The first part of the competition runs from September to November 2018, and the knockout stage takes place June 2019. The competition includes all European countries (55) and pits strength against strength, so each game will be highly competitive. Kwesé is broadcasting this exciting event LIVE.

Interestingly 23 of the 50 most valuable players ply their trade in England. You can catch these stars in our Premier League Match of the Week, every Saturday on KFS, in our Carabao Cup (League Cup) action and in the repeats of games involving Liverpool (Liverpool TV), Spurs (courtesy of Spurs TV), Arsenal (courtesy of Arsenal TV) and Manchester City (courtesy of Man City TV). In this weekend’s Match of the Week reigning champions Chelsea take on Leicester. Look out for ninth most valuable Eden Hazard (Chelsea) and 42nd most valuable Thibaut Courtois (Chelsea). Leicester’s most valuable player is Riyad Mahrez, who is worth an estimated 51 million pounds and comes in at 73rd on the list, with Jamie Vardy coming in at 89th. And if you’re fan of English football, Kwesé also brings you the EFL Championship, which is the country’s second-tier competition.

Of course football is not only about Europe, and Kwesé brings you a bunch of competitions from around the world, including the Australian Football League (AFL), the Copa Libertadores (South America’s Champions League), the Copa Sudamericana, Brazil Serie A and the Argentine Primera Division. We also offer a range of magazine shows, including Premier League Review, FIFA Football, Goal Weekly, Football 360 and more. So, if you’re a fan of the beautiful game, then join the entertainment revolution that is sweeping Africa and get Kwesé now.  

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