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iFood has over 40,000 trustworthy and practical food videos for all tastes. Enjoy recipes for Holidays, Desserts, Drinks, Appetizers, Entrees, Kids, Healthy, Easy, Vegetarian, Cake, Salad, Pizza, Pasta, Indian, Chinese, Mexican, Italian, Thai, Gourmet and many other foods you will love.

Indian Recipes

Indian Food has over 5000 trustworthy and practical food videos from top chefs like Vikas Khanna, Hari Nayak, Vibs, Sanjay Thumma. 



Recipes for desserts, cakes, cookies, candies, biscotti, trifle and other bakes. Baking tips , techniques, decorating and storage ideas from expert bakers and home cooks.


Chinese Recipes

Chinese Recipes by brings thousands of food videos on Chinese food to you. 


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