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Kwese Play FAQs

  1. What is Kwesé Play?

Kwesé Play is a Roku Powered streaming platform that uses the internet to deliver entertainment services to consumers across Sub-Sharan Africa. Kwesé Play is the first and only Roku partner in Africa with a custom-built set-top box, sporting the incredibly iconic purple tag, and is sold through various retailers and resellers. Because of its exclusive partnership with Roku, Kwesé Play gives you access to some of the biggest names in global video on demand, including Netflix and YouTube, plus a variety of over 200 carefully curated apps in the Kwesé Play App Store.

  1. What are the unique benefits of Kwesé Play?

Kwesé Play is the best thing to happen to your TV. While many TVs come with smart features, many still don’t, or may not have the smart features you want. A streaming device is practically a must-have if you want to keep up with the hottest entertainment out there. Here are some of our unique benefits:

  • Kwesé Play comes with the Roku Powered advantage. There is a reason it is the most popular streaming device in the US market. Not only did Roku pioneer streaming for the TV, but it also has one of the best feature-to-price ratios among streaming devices in the market. It is no surprise then that Kwesé Play was named TV Gadget of the Year at the Stuff Magazine Awards for 2017/ 2018.

  • The Kwesé Play device uses dual-band WiFi and a fast processor to create a smooth streaming experience and can easily be connected to your HD TV or monitor. If you don’t have WiFi, you can hook up your device with an Ethernet cable.

  • What makes us completely unique is that we have invested heavily in ensuring the best speed and quality of content gets sent to your TV screen. We have local servers strategically placed all over the continent for high-performance content delivery. You can rest assured that you are getting a world-class streaming experience every time.

  • Never before has streaming your favourite shows on your TV screen been so easy. Sit back and relax with Netflix, YouTube, Red Bull TV, TuneIn, Reuters TV and Bloomberg, to name a few. Not to mention, we don’t favour one content provider over the other, unlike most of the competitors. Explore hundreds of entertainment apps which range from movies and TV to education, games, music, news, sports, religion, and so much more. The best part of all is that there are no ads and no lag time.

  • Plus, the device is very mobile-compatible. If you are browsing apps like Netflix or YouTube on your smartphone, you can launch them straight to your TV with the Kwesé Play device.

There are just some things you cannot live without. Our customers love our streaming device because of our content selection, ease of use, and value. This small, speedy and affordable box is all the streamer you need. Whether you’re looking for a streaming box to help you cut the cord, or augment your pay TV subscription, Kwesé Play has the features, build quality and simplicity you are looking for.

  1. Who can use Kwesé Play?

Whether you are new to streaming or just want a streaming device that is simple and affordable, Kwesé Play’s entry-level streaming device is for you. Kwesé Play turns your TV into a smart TV, instantly. If you already have a smart TV, you can turn it into an even better TV. For instant gratification and control of your TV experience, all you’ll need is a Kwesé Play box, an HD-capable TV or monitor, a free HDMI port and at least a 4Mbps internet connection.

  1. What is streaming?

Streaming is a technology used to deliver content to TVs, computers and mobile devices over the internet. Streaming delivers data to you as you need it, which means you can listen to music or watch video in real time, instead of downloading a file to your computer and watching it later. No satellite or third party installation is required when streaming TV.

Unlike piracy sites that let you stream content illegally, Kwesé Play is legal in every way. Both our device and app store have gone through careful testing and have been certified by Roku, Netflix and ICASA.

Worried about storage space? With streaming you never need to download anything to any device. Everything is available instantly to watch on your TV screen, which is why it is commonly referred to as Internet TV. Streaming via a set-top box like Kwesé Play is called Connected TV.

  1. What is video on demand?

Video on demand gives you the space to watch your most loved movies and TV shows whenever you want, unlike the scheduled broadcasts of traditional satellite TV providers. Subscription video on demand services like Netflix let you stream its entire library of series, movies, kids shows and documentaries for a monthly subscription fee. By paying a monthly fee, you get to watch series and movies as often and for as long as your subscription is active.

  1. Why do I need an internet connection?

Your Kwesé Play device needs to be connected to the internet to stream. This connection could be fixed line services like ADSL or fibre connections, or mobile and wireless connections. As streaming requires video and audio content to be delivered over the internet, you will need a relatively fast internet connection – just how fast depends on the type of media you are using. No content is saved to your device.

  1. Will I be charged a monthly subscription for purchasing Kwesé Play?

No, Kwesé Play does not charge a monthly service subscription or monthly equipment fee, nor does it charge for creating a Kwesé account. However, should you choose, you may be charged a monthly subscription for services or apps available via the app store.

  1. I have a smart TV. Why would I need a streaming device?

TV is supposed to be relaxing but upgrading your TV can be stressful. There are literally hundreds of choices from over a dozen manufacturers. Most TVs have extra features that you may or may not actually need. They can range in price from a couple of hundred bucks to thousands. It can get overwhelming. With impressive processing power, plenty of ports, and loads of content, you can’t go wrong with Kwesé Play.

  1. Can I use my existing Roku device to access the Kwesé Play App Store?

No, only a Kwesé account is considered legal and licensed to give you access to the app store. Any Roku device not branded Kwesé Play will not have access to the Kwesé Play App Store.

  1. How can I see what content is in the Kwesé Play App Store?

Available content varies by country. For more information on content availability simply go to kweseplay.tv on your web browser, or for specific countries go to:

  • Botswana: kweseplay.tv/bw

  • Zimbabwe: kweseplay.tv/zw

  • South Africa: kweseplay.tv/za

  • Ghana: kweseplay.tv/gh

  1. What are your most popular apps?

The most popular streaming apps include:

  • Netflix

  • YouTube

  • TuneIn

  • Kwesé TV

  • Red Bull TV

  • Kwesé iflix

  • Roku Media Player

  • Al Jazeera

  • France 24

  • Bloomberg

  • Daystar

  • GOD TV

  • Happykids.tv

  1. Where can I get Kwesé Play?

You can purchase your Kwesé Play device for an affordable, once-off price. There are no monthly fees to maintain the device itself. It can be purchased straight from the Kwesé Online Store, or you can buy it at retail stores or from participating mobile network and internet service providers as part of your data package.

  1. What do I need to set up?

The box will contain everything you need to connect the device to your TV. Inside the box, you will find an HDMI cable, remote, batteries and a power adaptor. You’ll need an HD-capable TV or monitor with an HDMI port and at least a 4Mbps internet connection to complete setup.

  1. Do I need to buy additional cables?

No, the Kwesé Play device comes with a power cable and an HDMI cable. If you do not have a WiFi network, you may need an Ethernet cable to connect the Kwesé Play device directly to your router or modem.

  1. How do I connect my Kwesé Play device to my TV?

Kwesé Play is simple to set up. You can follow the Quick Start Guide supplied in the box for illustrations.

  1. Connect the power adaptor to your device and to a wall outlet closest to the TV unit or monitor.

  2. Connect the HDMI cable to the Kwesé Play device and to the HDMI port on your TV or monitor.

  3. Ensure there is something stable for your device to sit on.

  4. If you do not have a WiFi network, use an Ethernet cable to connect the Kwesé Play device to the Ethernet port on your router or switch.

  5. Open the battery cover of your remote and insert batteries.

  6. Ensure the correct TV input is selected on your TV (the input to which the device is connected). You should now see the Kwesé Play logo as your device powers on.

  7. Aim the remote at the device and follow the on-screen directions to complete setup.

  1. How do I start using Kwesé Play?

You will be required to activate your device before playing content. As soon as your device is turned on for the first time, the activation process will automatically start.

Complete the on-screen instructions to connect your Kwesé Play device to the internet. Once connected, the device will download the latest software.

Your screen will then display a code, e.g. XF15K. Make a note of this code and go to the website displayed on the screen using a computer or mobile device.

On the website, enter the code and follow instructions to create a Kwesé account, or log in to an existing Kwesé account.

Note: Complete all the steps on the website before going back to your Kwesé Play device, otherwise your device will not be activated.

  1. How do I activate my device?

To begin the setup and activation process, connect your Kwesé Play device to your TV and follow the on-screen prompts.

Once your system software is up to date, you will be prompted to register your device via the web by creating a Kwesé account. If you are already a Kwesé user, you can use your existing account details to sign in.

If you are new to Kwesé, you can easily create a new Kwesé account to complete the registration of your device.

Once activation and account setup are successful, your device will be ready to use.

Note: If you see an error or get stuck on a specific step, check out the FAQs under ‘How to resolve issues activating my device.’

  1. What do I need to create a Kwesé account?

You will need an internet connected smartphone, tablet, or computer to access and complete the Kwesé registration form in an internet browser.

During the process you will receive a six-digit one-time pin (OTP) to verify your mobile phone number.

If you have never registered for a Kwesé account before (i.e. you don’t have a Kwesé TV satellite and subscription), you will be required to complete the new customer registration process. If you have an existing Kwesé account, you can log in with your Kwesé account number and your mobile number.

Whether you are registering a new Kwesé account or have an existing one, you will still be sent an OTP to verify your mobile number.

  1. Why do I need to create a Kwesé account?

A Kwesé account gives you access to an amazing selection of entertainment apps from the Kwesé Play App Store.

When you activate your Kwesé Play device, it must be linked to a Kwesé account. Your Kwesé account stores which Kwesé Play streaming devices you own.

It is important to have a valid email address and mobile number associated with your Kwesé account to manage your account through the self-service portal and to receive important account notifications. Similarly, you should choose a strong, secure password.

Once your Kwesé account is authorised you will be able to access the app store on your device.

Note: Kwesé Play does not charge for device activation or for the creation of a Kwesé account.

  1. Why can’t I use my existing Roku account?

While the device is Roku Powered and uses the Roku OS, the platform is unique to Kwesé Play and the territories in which it resides. As Kwesé Play is the exclusive partners to Roku in Africa, all Kwesé Play devices will not be connected to a Roku account outside of Africa. A Kwesé account is the equivalent of a Roku account in Africa.

  1. What can I watch?

Once you have activated your Kwesé Play device and registered for a Kwesé account, you are all set to stream. Open the app store to see the hundreds of apps for series, movies, sports, news, music, kids, lifestyle, religion and more. To start browsing, click on App Store and scroll through the different categories. Click on the app and then hit the Add App button. You will find the app conveniently located under Home. To make things even easier, we have already added the most popular apps to your Home screen, which you can customise to your liking.

We have also made it easy to access the most popular apps. The remote comes with shortcut buttons to:

  • Kwesé TV

  • Netflix

  • YouTube

  • Red Bull TV

  1. What does it cost?

The device is purchased at a once-off cost. Thereafter, you can subscribe to the content service providers of your choice. Though most apps are free, select apps do require an additional charge. You can start watching free content instantly, but you can also choose to subscribe to premium content service providers like Netflix.

Note: Some apps offer a free trial (e.g. 30-day free trial). However, when a free trial ends, that app is converted into a regular subscription and you will be billed. To avoid this, cancel your subscription before the trial period expires.

  1. What is the video quality like?

During setup, your Kwesé Play device will analyse the HDMI connection to determine the best display resolution so you don’t have to manually configure the settings. You can change the settings on your device between two HD modes – 720p or 1080p – to ensure you receive the best possible quality viewing experience.

  1. Is 4K enabled on the Kwesé Play device?

No, unless you have a 4K compatible TV, you are not missing out on much by sticking to 1080p. Most content is 720p or 1080p. That includes most streaming services like Netflix and YouTube. Upscaling to 1080p is much easier and you’re likely to lose less detail and sharpness upscaling to 1080p vs. 4K.

Note: Kwesé Play knows this is where technology is going, and we are working on bringing a 4K compatible device to market.

  1. Are there parental control options on the device?

There is no central parental control option on the Kwesé Play device, however parental controls can be set within the apps that are running on the device. Services like Netflix and YouTube have built-in parental controls to a given user’s account. For questions about parental controls, please contact the content service provider.

  1. Can I get live or local TV?

The current Kwesé Play device is not equipped with an tuner to connect an antenna directly to your TV. There are, however, plenty of live TV options available on various apps in the Kwesé Play App Store such as Kwesé TV, France 24, Al Jazeera, and Bloomberg, to name a few.

Note: Some apps have territory restrictions and may not be available in your country.

  1. What sports can I watch?

Kwesé Play has an exciting variety of mainstream, emerging and niche sport which you can find in the Sports category in the app store. From Kwesé Free Sports (KFS) and NBA League Pass to Red Bull TV and Salomon TV. There’s adventure sport, mountain biking, golf, Esports, motoring, mixed martial arts and a lot more to come.

Note: Some apps have territory restrictions and may not be available in your country.

  1. Do you have any local content?

Our local content offering is growing with the likes of Netflix, Kwesé iflix and Kwesé TV increasing their local content catalogues. We are working hard on bringing even more local content to users. For questions about local content, please contact the content service provider.

Note: Some apps have territory restrictions and may not be available in your country.

  1. Can I browse the internet with my Kwesé Play device?

No, your Kwesé Play device provides you with access to stream video and music from the app store and does not provide the ability to browse the internet through your TV.

  1. Can I display content from my phone on my TV using a Kwesé Play device?

Yes. When gathering with friends and family, you can use your Kwesé Play device to wirelessly share content on a TV screen rather than asking everyone to huddle around your phone.

Use Roku Media Player to display personal photos and videos, screen mirroring to project the entire screen of your phone, or casting to view movies and shows you may have already started watching on your phone.

Note: To successfully share content using casting, you must connect your mobile device to the same wireless network as the Kwesé Play device.

  1. Can I download content using my Kwesé Play device?

No, Kwesé Play does not download or record movies, TV shows, other videos or songs. However, you can use the Roku Media Player app to play your own personal movie and music files that may be stored on a USB drive. Just connect the USB drive to the USB port on the side of your device.

  1. Can I play my own external files through the Kwesé Play device?

Yes, you can connect an external USB drive to the USB port on your Kwesé Play device. This will allow you to view locally stored photo, audio and video files. You can also connect more than one USB drive to the device by connecting them to a USB hub.

To play the content stored on a USB drive, insert the USB drive into the USB port on your Kwesé Play device. If the Roku Media Player is not installed, you will be prompted to add it from the app store. If the app is installed (i.e. you can see it on your home screen), an on-screen prompt will ask you to launch the Roku Media Player. If you have already launched the Roku Media Player app, a USB drive icon should appear in the media device selection screen once you have plugged in the USB drive.

The Roku Media Player app will not display unsupported file types it has determined cannot be played by the Kwesé Play device. The Kwesé Play device supports USB drives that are formatted with the FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, EXT2, EXT3, and HFS+ file systems. Many new USB drives are pre-formatted with the exFAT file system, which is not supported. If you don’t know which file system is used, insert the USB drive into an available USB port on your computer. When the drive appears on the desktop, right click on the icon with your mouse and select Properties on your PC, or Get Info on your Mac.

Note: DRM- protected content is not supported.

  1. Can I use the same app on multiple devices at the same time?

Many streaming apps do allow you to stream on multiple devices at a time. Kwesé Play is considered as one device but can be moved around and plugged into multiple TV screens. For clarity we suggest checking the terms and conditions of your subscription.

  1. Do I qualify for special offers?

You may qualify for free movie, TV or music offers and more from Kwesé Play content partners. Eligibility restrictions may apply, and a credit card may be required. Unless explicitly stated otherwise, offers are provided by third parties, and are not provided by Kwesé Play. Offers may be subject to additional terms and conditions. Kwesé Play is not responsible for the availability or the provision of any third-party offer or for conducting any third-party offer promotions. For questions about a specific offer, please contact the offering entity.

  1. Can I access the app store on other devices?

No, the Kwesé Play App Store is exclusive to Kwesè Play and is only compatible to the Roku OS.

36. How often does content get refreshed?

To increase the variety of apps, Kwesé Play regularly publishes new apps to the app store. The refresh rate of content within each app is dependent on the content service provider, however, Kwesé Play undertakes stringent testing to ensure all apps are up to date.

  1. There is an app missing on my Kwesé Play device

If you can no longer find the app in the Kwesé Play App Store, the app may no longer be available on the platform.

Note: If you subscribed to or purchased content on an app that is no longer available on your device, you can contact the content provider for more information.

  1. Why would an app no longer be available?

Kwesé Play strives to create an amazing entertainment experience for our customers by offering access to hundreds of streaming apps. At times, the content providers may choose to remove their app from our platform at their own request. In other cases, an app may be removed if it violates our terms and conditions. We take reports of piracy or other unlawful activity very seriously. For more information, you can review our terms and conditions.

  1. How do I find similar content to what was offered on a removed app?

The Kwesé Play App Store offers hundreds of apps with a variety of content. To find similar content, you can browse apps available in various categories in the app store.

  1. Can I connect my device to an audio/video receiver (AVR) or sound bar?

Yes, content partners provide surround sound in different formats; for example, Netflix encodes their audio in Dolby Digital Plus (and stereo). To play the audio in surround sound, your Kwesé Play device must be connected to an AVR, sound bar, or TV capable of decoding the format used by the content provider. Check the manufacturer documentation to understand which audio formats are supported.

Some AVRs and sound bars are designed to be a single point where you can switch audio and video between your devices connected via HDMI. Refer to the manufacturer documentation to determine if your AVR or sound bar has this capability.

Note: An AVR or sound bar can be complicated to configure. If you have trouble, consider seeking help from technical experts.

  1. I get an error when I enter the code displayed on my TV screen

If you see an error after entering the code, try entering the code a second time. There may have been a typing error or some other issue like a temporary network or system error.

If this does not resolve the issue, go back to your device and select Get a New Code. Once the new code is displayed, return to the website and enter the new code.

  1. My device is stuck on the code screen

Sometimes it can take a while to complete the activation process, so please wait a few minutes. If the device continues to show the screen with the code, make sure you have completed all the steps on the website in order to activate your device.

  1. I cannot connect to my home network or the internet

When you set up your Kwesé Play for streaming, you must connect this device to your home network in the same way that you connect your computer or mobile device. Simply select your wireless network name and enter the correct password. In doing so, a wireless connection is established from your device to your home access point or router. Your router will then grant access to the internet through a broadband service provided by your internet service provider. You can alternatively choose to connect to your router using an Ethernet cable

If you see “Error 001” and the message “not connected” in the upper right hand corner of the TV screen, it means your device is not connected to a network. Select Try Again.

Note: If your Kwesé Play device is unable to connect to your home router or gain access to the internet through the router, you may not be able to set up your device. In cases where the network or internet connection is lost after your device is set up; you may not be able to launch apps that require an internet connection or you may experience interruptions when streaming.

  1. How can I resolve these connectivity issues?

Try the following:

  • Enter the correct name for your wireless network.

  • Enter the password correctly.

  • Check to see that your router is working properly.

  • Improve the wireless signal strength.

  • Restart your device and your router.

  1. I am trying to register my device but it is saying my number is already registered

If you already have an existing Kwesé account, or you have attempted to create one in the past, your mobile number may have already been paired with your profile. Please contact our call centre for assistance to reset your profile.

If you have already set up a device, you won’t be able to use the same mobile number you used on the first device registration. You will need to register each device with a new number – this can be the mobile number of someone close to you or in the same household.

  1. I have a Kwesé account but my number does not work

Check that you have captured your mobile number correctly and that the country code matches the country you are in. If the problem persists, please contact our call centre for further assistance.

  1. I am not receiving an OTP SMS

When entering your mobile number, click the Generate OTP button. Sometimes the OTP SMS can take a few minutes to arrive in your inbox. Pressing the button repeatedly will not generate a new OTP.

You can also try using the mobile number of someone close to you or in the same household to receive an OTP SMS.

If you are still not receiving your OTP SMS, please contact our call centre for assistance.

  1. The web address to register is not working

Ensure you have entered the correct link in the web browser – copy the link displayed in the on-screen instructions. The link you are directed to will be dependent on the country you are in. For example, in South Africa, you will be directed to www.kweseplay.com/za. If you are seeing a blank screen, try accessing the web address using a different web browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer. The website may also be slow or down due to maintenance so try refreshing the page after a few minutes.

If the problem persists, please contact our call centre for further assistance.

  1. There are app icons missing on my Home screen

During the app updating, there could have been a temporary network or system error and the device was unable to complete the app download. To fix this, you can do a manual software update. To manually check for software and app updates, go to Settings and search for System Update. The System Update screen displays the current software and build version, along with the date and time of the latest update.

Select Check Now to manually check for updates. If there is new software available or there are updates for your apps, then the device will download and install them automatically and once complete, your device will reboot.

It is possible that the service may be temporarily unresponsive. If an error code is encountered during an attempt to update the software, wait a few minutes and try again.

Note: To perform a software update, your device must have a good connection to the internet. If for some reason this connection is unreliable, your device may be unable to update to the latest software and an error message will be displayed on the screen.

  1. Is there a limit to how many apps I can add to my Home screen?

There is no limit to how many apps you can install from the app store to your Home screen. If you install an app and later decide you do not want it, the app can easily be removed from your device. With new apps added every month, we recommend vising the app store on a regular basis.

  1. My device is telling me I need a micro SD card

As you add more apps, you may see a screen suggesting that you add a micros SD card. While not required, adding a micro SD card to your device allows your apps and games to load faster.

The Kwesé Play device provides access to a micro SD slot. Adding a micro SD card allows you to expand the amount of internal memory available for installing apps and games from the app store. The micro SD card is not used for storage of personal media such as photos, videos or music. Personal media can be accesses using a USB device.

Note: You cannot move the apps stored on the micros SD card from one streaming device to another. If you move a card to a different streaming device, the micros SD card will be reformatted by that device and any data already on the micros SD card will be erased.

  1. How do I use the app store to access content?

From the Home screen, scroll down to App Store and press the OK button. It will then direct you to a page with different genres and apps to choose from.

Tip: A check mark appears in the bottom right hand corner identifying an installed app.

  1. How do I add apps to my Home screen?

Just like your smartphone accesses an app store to add new applications, your Kwesé Play device accesses the Kwesé Play App Store to add/install new apps. Some apps require a paid subscription, while many others are free. Browse the app store directly from your Kwesé Play device.

Press the Home button on your remote. From the Home screen, scroll down to App Store and press the OK button. It will then direct you to a page with different genres and apps to choose from. You can then choose an app of your choice and select Add App. Thereafter you may select Go to App to start streaming.

Tip: When browsing a list, press the Rewind or Fast Forward buttons on your Kwesé Play remote to jump up or down one page at a time.

  1. How do I move apps around on my Home screen?

After you add an app from the app store, a square tile with an app icon is added to the grid of app tiles that appears under Home on the main screen of your Kwesé Play device. Scroll down and you will find the newly installed app at the bottom of the grid. If you prefer, you can move the app to a different location on the Home screen.

Using the directional pad on your Kwesé Play remote, highlight the app you wish to move. Press the Star (*) button on your remote to open the options menu. Select Move App and then move the app using the directional pad and press the OK button on your remote when you are satisfied with the new location.

Note: When you move an app tile, the change only applies to the device you are using at the time. Changes do not sync to other Kwesé Play devices.

  1. How do I remove apps from my Home screen?

Apps can be removed from your Kwesé Play device from within your app line-up.

From the Home screen, select the app you wish to remove, press the Star (*) button on your remote, select Remove App and confirm the selection when prompted. The app will be removed from your Home screen but can still be found in the app store.

  1. Why can’t I access all the channels on Roku’s channel store?

All Roku Powered partners are required to acquire rights for each channel or app, which can take a bit of time. While other Roku Powered partners limit their offerings to a handful of apps, we want to give our users access to as many apps as possible. We have added more than double the number of apps since we launched in September 2017.

  1. Why don’t you have Roku’s new free Roku Channel installed on your app store?

The Roku Channel is only compatible with certain Roku devices. Unfortunately, the current generation Kwesé Play device does not support the channel. We hope to make it available in the near future.

  1. I cannot open an app on my device

The app may require a software update. To manually check for software and app updates, go to Settings and search for System Update. The System Update screen displays the current software and build version, along with the date and time of the latest update.

Select Check Now to manually check for updates. If there is new software available or there are updates for your apps, then the device will download and install them automatically. Once complete, your device will reboot.

It is possible that the service may be temporarily unresponsive. If an error code is encountered during an attempt to update the software, wait a few minutes and try again.

If the problem persists, please contact us to report the issue so we can investigate.

  1. Should I use WiFi or Ethernet?

Your Kwesé Play device can to connect to your router via WiFi. Your device also has an Ethernet connection to connect to your network with a cable.

If it is convenient to connect the cable from your router to the device, Ethernet will give you a faster and more reliable connection. Simply connect a standard Ethernet cable from an available port on your router to the port on the rear of your device.

WiFi can also give excellent results, provided you are located close enough to your router to receive a clear signal.

  1. How do I manage my data?

Kwesé Play apps are streamed via the internet, so you will use data. To stream, you will be using a large amount of data, so uncapped connections or large data bundles are preferable to control costs. The higher the display resolution, the more data you will use, but a lower resolution will compromise the display quality.

To manage your data spend, this is an average guide to assist you: Using a 4Mbps line as an indicator, a 90-minute movie will use approximately 1.5GB of data and a half an hour TV show will use approximately 1GB per 20 minutes.

  1. Why is my streaming slow, low quality or buffering?

The quality of your stream is dependent on the speed and quality of your internet connection.

You need at least 4Mbps for an uninterrupted 720p video stream. Anything lower than 4Mbps will see a noticeable drop in viewing and picture quality to a point where it can become unwatchable. So, let’s make sure everything is working properly by doing the following checks:

  • Test your internet speed by running a simple diagnostic at www.speedtest.net or www.fast.com

  • Check the WiFi signal strength. From the Home screen menu on your Kwesé Play device, navigate to Settings > Network > Wireless to determine the quality of the WiFi signal being received by the device. Move your router or your Kwesé Play device to ensure a strong signal strength

  • Check to see if your WiFi router is in the optimal position. Use a handy free app like WiFiAnalyzer available for download via Google Play, to find the best spot and channel for your router.

  1. How do I manually restart my Kwesé Play device?

To restart your Kwesé Play device, go to Settings > System > System restart. You can also unplug the device from the power source, wait a few moments, and then reconnect it.

If you also need to restart your router, check the instructions from your ISP or router vendor. In some cases, you can simply unplug it and plug it back in, and in other cases it may require pressing a reset button on the device.

Note: It will take a few minutes for both devices to completely restart.

If you have previously connected your device to your router, it should automatically reconnect. If it is not reconnecting, or if you are setting up your device for the first time, complete the network setup process.

  1. How do I manually update my software?

Kwesé Play devices are designed to run the latest software version. Your device will check to see whether new software is available for download during initial setup and whenever the device is powered on, and then randomly every 24-36 hours. The download and installation are typically done automatically without interrupting your use of the Kwesé Play device.

You can also manually check for a software update on your Kwesé Play device. To manually check for software and app updates, go to Settings and search for System Update. The System Update screen displays the current software and build version, along with the date and time of the latest update.

Select Check Now to manually check for updates. If there is new software available or there are updates for your apps, the device will download and install them automatically. Once complete, your device will reboot.

To perform a software update, your device must have a good connection to the internet. If this connection is unreliable, your device may be unable to update the latest software and an error message will be displayed on the screen.

It is possible that the service may be temporarily unresponsive. If an error code is encountered during an attempt to update the software, wait a few minutes and try again.

  1. How do I do a manual factory reset?

Navigate to the Settings menu. Choose Advanced System Settings. Click Factory Reset. Enter the code on screen with your remote. Follow the instructions and your device will be back to factory settings in just a few minutes.

You can also perform a factory reset using the hardware reset button. On the back or bottom of each device is a reset button. Once the reset button is located and your device is powered on, press and hold the reset button firmly for up to 20 seconds. The indicator light with blink rapidly when the factory reset is complete.

Note: If you initiate a factory reset, this will clean out your old activation and a new activation will be required when the device is turned on again. This will require that you log into all apps and services as those will no longer be stored. This will also:

  • Erase your personal preferences

  • Unlink your device from your Kwesé account

  • Reset all settings and return your device to a state ready for initial setup

  1. How can I check my connection?

If you want to check your connection, visit the Settings menu on your Kwesé Play device.

  • Go to Settings > Network > Check Connection to perform a two-part test. The first part checks for a connection to your home network and tests the quality of the signal. The second part, checks that you are connected to the internet and measures the speed of that connection.

  • If the wireless signal strength or internet speed is poor, you will be provided with on-screen instructions to help resolve the issue.

Note: If your device is not connected to your network, you will not see the Check Connection option. You will only see a Set Up Connection option. You need to set up your device on your network before you can check the connection.

  1. What does the connection check do?

When the connection check begins, your device tries to connect to the wireless or wired network in your home. If successful, your device will attempt to connect to the internet. A green check appears for each successful connection, while a red ‘x’ appears if a connection cannot be established.

When a green check appears for both connections, your device has successfully connected to your network and the internet. In these cases, your device will also test the strength of each connection and present the results. If the signal for both connections tests well, the connection check ends presenting the message, “Connection check was successful”.

If either connection tests poorly, an on-screen message presents an error code and a brief list of suggestions to help improve the connection.

  1. I cannot see the video on my TV. What now?

First, make sure the TV is turned on and press a button on the Kwesé Play remote control to ensure that the Kwesé Play device is not in standby or screensaver mode.

These are the most common reasons you may not see video on your TV:

  • You have the wrong input (source) selected on your TV.

    • Most TVs have several video inputs on the back or side of the TV that are used for connecting different devices. You must select the input (sometimes referred to as source) that matches the one to which you have the device connected. The video connector will be labelled with the input name, e.g. HDMI 1, HDMI 2, AUX, VIDEO IN, etc.

    • The way you change inputs can be different based on the brand of TV and model, but it is usually accessible from a button on the TV's remote control. If you can, check the instructions that came with your television, or try the following:

    • Look for a button on your TV remote control that says Input, Source, AUX, Video, TV/Video or something similar. Press this button. Depending on your TV, pressing the button may cycle through available inputs, or it may display a menu with a choice of inputs.

    • If it cycles through the inputs - wait 10 seconds between button presses to allow the TV to detect the video.

    • If a menu is displayed, use the arrow buttons on the TV remote to choose the right input and then press Enter or Select. Alternatively, select each input one at a time. Wait 10 seconds between each to allow the TV to detect the video.

    • In both cases, if no video is detected on the input, then the TV will usual show a message such as “No video” or “No signal detected”.

  • The video cable is not connected properly, or the cable is faulty.

    • Check that the video cable is firmly connected to the back of your device and to the HDMI port on the TV.

    • If you can, check to see if you have a faulty cable by connecting your device with a different cable.

  • There is a problem with the TV.

    • If you can, try connecting the device to a different input on the TV to see if the problem is with the connector on the TV.

    • If you can, try connecting the device to a different television to see if the problem is with your device or the TV.

  • If all else fails, disconnect and reconnect all cables, including the power cable.

  1. Can I pair a remote app with the Kwesé Play device?

Our own Kwesé Play remote app is in the pipeline. There are other unofficial remote apps that you can download onto your mobile device, however we cannot guarantee they will function with the Kwesé Play device. Many users have confirmed that Rokie works well with the device. Give it a try and send us your feedback!

  1. My Kwesé Play device won’t power on

The Kwesé Play device should be connected to a wall power outlet using the power adapter that came with the device. Your device will also have a white light on the front of the device that indicates when the device is on.

Try the following steps:

  • Only use the power adapter included in the box with your Kwesé Play device.

  • Remove and reattach the power adapter making sure it is securely and firmly connected to the device and the wall power outlet.

  • Try connecting the power adapter to a different power outlet.

  • Alternatively, you can try testing another electronic device you know works in the same power outlet.

If your Kwesé Play device still does not power on, then the problem may be with the power supply. If your Kwesé Play device is under warranty, contact the Kwesé Customer Experience Centre to return your player and power adapter and get a replacement.

Note: Using a different power adapter, even one used with another Roku player, may be the reason that your Kwesé Play device will not power on.

  1. Can I take the Kwesé Play device away on holiday with me?

The Kwesé Play device is portable and can easily be packed in your travel bag when you go away. Make sure you have an internet connection and a power source at your destination. If you haven’t registered your device, make sure you do so before you leave for your destination.

Kwesé Play does not recommend taking the device outside of the country that it is registered in.

Note: Apps may be geo-blocked if you go to a country where that specific content service provider has no territory rights. For clarity we suggest contacting the content service provider.

  1. My remote does not work

Ensure that you can see the front of your device from where you are sitting and that there are no physical obstructions between the device and the remote.

If your Kwesé Play remote still does not work, then the problem may be with the batteries and you may need to replace them.

If your Kwesé Play device is under warranty, contact the Kwesé Customer Experience Centre to return your remote and get a replacement.

  1. I am getting a HDCP error on my screen

This means that the HDMI cable is not connecting.

Remove the cable from both the device and the TV. Switch off both the device and the TV. Then reconnect the cable and switch on the device and TV again.

If the error persists, try testing the HDMI cable on another device that supports HD display.

If your Kwesé Play device is under warranty, contact the Kwesé Customer Experience Centre to return your HDMI cable and get a replacement.
  1. How do I manage my device settings and preferences?

On your Kwesé Play device, for any system or device information, the Settings page has several options including Network, Screensaver, Display Type, Captions, Audio and System. Here you will also be able to find your serial number and software version. You can also change how your device behaves – this is usually set up during the initial setup, but you can change or customise your device at any time.

  1. How do I manage my Kwesé account?

To manage your Kwesé account, you can log into the Kwesé self-service portal https://kwese.com on the web or contact the Kwesé Customer Experience Centre .

  1. How do I manage my subscriptions?

For questions about a specific subscription, please contact the subscription entity.

  1. What warranty does my Kwesé Play come with?

Kwesé Play warrants the player hardware against defects in materials and workmanship under normal use for a period of one (1) year from the date pf purchase (“Warranty Period”) if used in accordance with the documentation provided with the device. If Kwesé Play determines that the device’s hardware is defective during the Warranty Period, Kwesé Play’s sole obligation will be to either repair or replace the unit.

You may also return a device for any reason, subject to the terms of the applicable return policy and the Consumer Protection Act.

  1. How do I return a malfunctioning device that is still under warranty?

In case of a malfunction that is covered under the terms of the warranty, you must return to point of purchase with:

  • the complete product, inclusive of accessories and original packaging, and

  • a valid proof of purchase (receipt).

Specific terms and conditions apply. Please read the End-User Agreement for the Kwesé Play Device and Kwesé Play App Store available at www.kwese.com/legal.

  1. What to do if your device is lost or stolen

While Kwesé Play does not have a tool for tracking lost or stolen devices, we recommend taking precautions. Contact our call centre so that the agent can remove the device from your Kwesé account.

  1. What safety precautions are recommended for my Kwesé Play device?

Kwesé Play devices are designed with the highest concern for safety. However, any electrical device, if used improperly, has the potential for causing fire, electrical shock, property damage or personal injury. To help ensure accident-free operation, follow these guidelines:

  • Observe all warnings, precautions and instructions.

  • Regularly inspect the AC power adapter for damage.

  • Stop use, unplug the AC power adapter from the electrical outlet and disconnect any other cables immediately if your device or accessories (e.g. remote, power adapter) have been damaged, cracked or punctured, or if it functions in an abnormal manner, produces unusual sounds or smells or becomes too hot to touch.

  • To prevent fire or shock hazards, do not expose your device to rain, moisture, or direct sunlight.

  • Kwesé Play AC power adapters are rated for use only in the country in which they are sold.

  1. Do you have any tips for usage and handling?

  • Do not operate your remote control using any vigorous or forceful motions or gestures.

  • The remote control is not a toy. Keep it out of reach of children under the age of six.

  • The product packaging may include plastic bags, cable ties and fasteners. Dispose of these properly and keep them out of reach of children, as they could present a choking hazard.

  • Do not touch your device or connected cables during an electrical storm.

  • Do not allow liquid, small particles or other foreign objects to get into your device or accessories.

  • Do not expose your device or accessories to liquid, smoke or steam.

  • Do not expose your device or accessories to high temperatures, high humidity or direct sunlight.

  • Do not place your device on the floor or in a place where it may cause someone to trip or stumble.

  • Do place your device within range of your wireless network. Do not place your device in an enclosed cabinet; it may interfere with the wireless signal.

  • Do not place anything on top of your device; it may cause your device to overheat.

  • Do not drop, crush or disassemble your device.

  • Do not attempt to repair your device yourself. Disassembling your device may cause damage not covered by the warranty.

  1. Where can I follow Kwesé Play for the latest news and updates?

  1. I want my app to be on your store. Who can I reach out to?

You can email: productteam@kweseplay.com