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Join a Kwesé team this March

Join a Kwesé team this March

09:00 SAST | 12 Mar 2018

In March we are premiering three brand new teams just for you. The Justice League and the Power Rangers beat back baddies, and the little Blues just try to survive the other Angry Birds hatchlings. 

In Justice League Action weekdays at 06:20 CAT on Toonami (Ch 510), join Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman and some of your favourite heroes from the Justice League as they fight hordes of evil supervillains and band together to save the world.

In Power Rangers Samurai Wednesday, 21 March at 15:50 CAT on Cartoon Network (Ch511), our Red, Blue, Pink, Green, Yellow and Gold heroes face off against the evil Master Xandred. With his army of Nighlocks, he plans to flood the Earth and bring an end to civilisation as we know it. But not if the Power Rangers have anything to do with it. 

The Blues - Jay, Jake and Jim - invite you to join them on their hilarious adventures in Angry Birds Blues, Monday, 19 March at 16:25 CAT on Boomerang (Ch 512). They are smart and they love having fun, like building a clubhouse, going camping and even playing tennis. But the mischievous hatchlings are always nearby to ruin their plans. 

We also get to meet up with teams we already know and love. Adorable seven-year-old Sarah and her best friend, a duck named Duck, are back in Sarah and Duck everyday at 19:00 CAT on CBeebies (Ch 520). They go on many adventures together, solving problems and learning about the importance of friendship and teamwork along the way. 

Or you can tune in to WordGirl weekdays at 10:00 CAT on Kwesé Kids (Ch 500) where Becky Botsford, aka WordGirl and her monkey sidekick, Captain Huggy Face, battle a variety of villains bent on world domination. Born on the planet Lexicon, WordGirl uses her powers of super strength and flight to save the Earth and teach you some new words in every episode. 

If superhero shenanigans are not your thing, you can always check in with Barney and Friends Season 5 everyday at 07:35 CAT on Jim Jam (Ch 525). Everybody's favourite purple dinosaur comes to life if you just use your imagination. Join Barney, Baby Bop, BJ, Riff and the rest of the gang as they work together and learn plenty valuable lessons in each episode. 

Chuckle at the hilarious misadventures of Masha and the Bear, weekdays at 11:25 CAT on Boomerang (Ch 512). Bear has his hands full keeping the mischievous Masha out of trouble. Maybe you can help him keep his friend safe.

Finally, dive into The Deep, weekdays at 15:30 CAT on Kwesé Kids (Ch 500). The Nekton family invites you to come along on their deep-sea adventures as they uncover the mysteries hiding in the deepest parts of our oceans. Don’t be left out. Join the Kwesé TV team today.

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