Let's Share a Story of World Peril and Brave Warriors | Kwesé

Let's Share a Story of World Peril and Brave Warriors

Let's Share a Story of World Peril and Brave Warriors

12:30 SAST | 29 Mar 2018

There’s danger around every corner on Kwesé this April, but heroes are on-hand to battle the forces of darkness and make the world safe for humanity again.

So, all you need to do is enjoy the crazy ride and savour every perilous moment from the safety of your couch.

Take a journey Into the Badlands, with season 2 starting Mondays at 21:00 CAT on AMC (Ch 130). In a post-war apocalyptic world, the desolate landscape is ruled by barons, bounty hunters and lethal fighters known as 'Clippers'. Daniel Wu is Head Clipper to the mighty Baron Quinn and is one of the deadliest clippers in the business.

Ghosted, from 14 April at 20:25 CAT on FOX (Ch 180), is a hilarious trip into the supernatural realm, with a sceptic and a believer in the paranormal investigating a the unexplained in LA. Could there be a bigger threat to humanity at play? Leroy and Max will get to the bottom of it - as soon as they've stopped arguing with each other, that is.

The Walking Dead season 8 finale, on Monday, 16 April at 21:00 CAT on FOX (Ch 180) is a must-see. In the most intense season of the show yet, a cross-over character from Fear the Walking Dead joins the cast. There’s all-out war raging between Rick and Negan, and anyone could die a gruesome death at any moment.

Another unmissable gem from AMC is Fear the Walking Dead. Don’t miss the season 4 premiere on Monday, 23 April at 20:00 CAT on AMC (Ch 130). This prequel to the Walking Dead brings just as many hair-raising moments and terrifying situations as its sister show.

The Gifted, from 23 April at 21:00 CAT on FOX (Ch 180), is another action-packed, superpowered Marvel that’s big on adventure. An ordinary family's lives are changed forever when their kids develop mutant powers and they join an underground mutant organisation. It's a battle for survival in a world where mutants are feared and misunderstood.

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