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AMC Brings the Fear this June

AMC Brings the Fear this June

15:45 SAST | 08 Jun 2018

AMC (Ch 130) brings you both an end and a new beginning to two of their AMC original series. Epic shootouts, fight scenes like no other, blood, gore, death and the occasional and tiny slither of hope - Fear the Walking Dead and Into the Badlands brings it all to the table this June.

Into the Badlands S3 premieres, Monday, 18 June at 21:00 CAT on AMC (Ch 130) and it's not one to miss. The hit post-apocalyptic, martial arts series centres on a warrior and a young boy's journey through a treacherous land known as the Badlands. With modern civilisation in ruins, the world is now ruled by a strict hierarchy and the society shuns the use of guns as weapons of force. Hence the rise of martial arts combat.

The Season 2 finale was heart-wrenching with Veil sacrificing herself to destroy Quinn and save her and Sunny's child, Henry. Daniel Wu (Sunny), admits that his character is in a bad way after losing Veil "he's drinking, living off the grid, trying to survive as a single dad and he's really trying to stay away from the Badlands and the war that's going on" ¹. Unfortunately after discovering that Henry has The Gift, Sunny is forced to return to the Badlands to find a cure in the Season 3 premiere. What is The Gift? It's suspiciously unclear but the term loosely refers to people who possess dark powers. Yikes!

Daniel promises that season three's cinematography is impressive to say the least and features various new locations, including stunning coastal mountains in Ireland. He teases that the shows fight scenes are amplified by new environments and conditions making for a truly exciting premiere and ensuing season ¹. He also hints that this season goes back into Sunny's past and sees him trying to uncover the secrets of his erased youth ¹. It sounds like this premiere is going to be mental; I mean, don't take our word for it - take Sunny's!

Then, after the epic April premiere, AMC (Ch 130) brings you the Fear the Walking Dead S4A Finale on Monday, 11 June at 21:00 CAT. The season started with Morgan Jones (Lennie James) crossing over from the hit series The Walking Dead. Madison Clark (Kim Dickens) and her family are joined by new characters, both friends and enemies, and are met with an ominously increasing threat of the dead.

So, in preparation for the season 4A finale, let's catch you up. The feud between the Vultures and Alicia's crew has finally come to a head. The latest episode featured an epic shootout scene between the two rival groups and things were explosive, literally. According to Director Sarah Boyd, "the scene is jam-packed, filled with gunshots, bullet holes and character moments" ². And, with John Dorie clinging to life, things are looking dire. But you've seen nothing yet...

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