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Inspirational Kiddie shows on Kwesé TV

Inspirational Kiddie shows on Kwesé TV

15:15 SAST | 08 Jun 2018

Get Kwesé TV and enjoy hours of inspirational and fun-filled adventures with the friendly Gigi, the funny bugs of Bugtime Adventures and the cool Dinotrux.

Children should be exposed to quality shows that motivate them to become better people. Kwesé Kids (Ch 500) and Dreamworks (Ch 505) have a variety of shows that will keep children entertained for all the right reasons.

Step into a world of giant creatures, with the Dinotrux on Dreamworks (Ch 505), weekdays at 14:30 CAT. These half dinosaur, half construction vehicle creatures, known as dinotrux, go on a mission to battle against the biggest and baddest dinotruck, D-Structs. D-Structs is on a mission to destroy everything the other dinotrucks have worked tirelessly to build. Tune in to see Ty Rux and his best friend Revvit as they go on their first mission, will they become successful in defeating D-Struct or will he over power them with his cunning skills, uncover this mystery on Dinotrux.

For a great fun-filled educational cartoon, tune in to Bugtime Adventures on Kwesé Kids (Ch 500), weekdays from Tuesday, 12 June at 07:00 CAT. This cheerful group of bug friends, who live in Buggelsville find themselves in exciting adventures alongside biblical heroes. It's all about friendship, perseverance and learning new lessons from the hereos. When Joseph, one of the heroes, comes face-to-face with his brothers who sold him into slavery; will he choose forgiveness or revenge? And, when Antoni is embarrassed at the Buggelsville picnic by Roderick the cockroach, how will Joseph's decision affect his? Tune in to find out!

Do not miss Gigi on Kwesé Kids (Ch 500), weekdays from Friday, 18 June at 07:30 CAT. Every little girl believes they are a princess, but what happens when one really is? Gigi, the heavenly princess, daughter of the King of Kings, goes on adventures to teach girls about their importance and belonging to the King of all kings. Together with her friends, you are invited to come along for this heavenly ride and learn some quality traits that will help you to be the best version of yourself. Gigi is funny, friendly and everything a princess dreams of being. There is a lot you can learn from her. She doesn't live in a castle and she doesn't have royal jewels but with the help of her parents, there is a lot she can be grateful for.

For these and other great kiddie shows don't forget to tune into Kwesé TV's fun-filled line up on our kiddie channels. Our characters have great lessons planned out for your enjoyment, so come along and be inspired!

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