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Stay Sharp with Kwesé TV

Stay Sharp with Kwesé TV

13:45 SAST | 22 Jun 2018

They're some of the best-known animated characters the world over. But one thing's for sure, these cartoons definitely aren't for the kids. They'll keep you entertained with hilariously disastrous antics and failures of note. But who can blame these average American families when they're being blindly lead into the abyss by the likes of Homer Simpson, Peter Griffin and Stan Smith. They're here, they're there, they're everywhere and now they're right here on Kwesé TV.

But, who are they? Let's put some names to the faces that have flooded popular culture for so long.

He's exquisitely naive. He's totally off-the-wall. He's not for the faint-hearted. None of them are. This hilarious animated sitcom follows Peter Griffin, the halfwit head of the house and his rowdy family as they navigate their average, everyday life. NOT. The family is held together by impatient mother Lois who can't seem to get a break. And, how could she when she's in charge of the most un-nuclear family the world has ever seen? There's Chris, the epitome of a gawky teen, and social reject teenage daughter Meg - ummmm, who? Then, there's Stewie, an obnoxious little baby and aspiring evil genius, and the elitist, English-speaking, Martini enthusiast Brian the dog. Follow the adventures of the Griffin's in Family Guy, weekdays at 17:00 CAT on FOX (Ch 141). They're the middle-class family that you just hate to love.

He's theirs. He's yours. He's ours. He's THE American Dad! Stan Smith is your typical American man of law. He's a CIA agent ferociously dedicated to his job and, kind of, maybe, perhaps not so dedicated to his family. He may be an impeccable citizen, but his mismatched family are quite the opposite. His posse is made up of devoted wife Francine, left-wing daughter Hayley, social outcast son Steve, and Klaus, a goldfish with the mind of an Olympic skier. Oh, and did we mention the alien, Roger? He's an Area 51 escapee who Stan is hiding in his home. Super normal... soooo super normal. Tune in to their wacky adventures in American Dad, weekdays at 16:35 CAT on FOX (Ch 141).

Enter the peaceful, calm, oh-so ordinary town of Springfield where families live in harmony, children flourish and birds sing to their hearts content. LOL, the idea was good while it lasted. Meet the Simpsons who call this little town home. Homer Simpson is an over-weight, beer-guzzling, donut-munching moron and the head of this household. And, well, it's ironic because he hasn’t really got one - a head that is. His partner-in-crime is wife Marge, a hard-hitting woman with zero tolerance for nonsense. And her towering, blue hairdo is ICONIC. So our family is almost complete, now add golden child and social revolutionist daughter Lisa, mischievous son Bart, and Maggie, a baby with a pacifier that seems to give her an unprecedented self-awareness. All together, they make up The Simpsons, weekdays at 16:10 CAT on FOX (Ch 141).

Get Kwesé TV now and meet the family. Have a laugh with these brilliant morons this July... let's get silly!

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