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Cutest Characters on Kwesé TV

Cutest Characters on Kwesé TV

14:45 SAST | 06 Jul 2018

Remember the shows you raced home from school to watch. Or the ones you woke very early in morning to catch. The shows that still put a smile on your face when you think about the songs you sang along to, the funny characters who made you laugh and the fun adventures they went on? We want your precious tots to have some of their own special television memories. While some of your old favourites may be over, we have found fresh new kids shows with the cutest characters your children are sure to love and remember for decades to come:

Who says you can’t have a little fun in the kitchen? Bob the Tomato and Larry the Cucumber are an unlikely duo but the best of friends. Together, and with their veggie pals, Junior Asparagus and Laura Carrot, learn some of life’s lessons like kindness, forgiveness and patience. And you can always be guaranteed a silly song to sing along to with Larry. Your Little ones will go bananas for these cute friends. Start your day well with VeggiesTales at 05:30 CAT on Dreamworks (Ch 505).

She’s cute. She’s spunky. She’s also very resourceful and transports to a whimsical village filled with all her favourite toys. Rainbow Ruby is a feisty little heroine, with her dolls coming to life, showing us that you can be and do anything you want to be. She comes to the rescue of her doll friends, helping them with enthusiasm and a lot of energy. And she has an adorable teddy bear names Choco. Tune in and help Rainbow Ruby and her doll friends, daily at 10:09 CAT on JimJam (Ch 525).

Stars, science, atoms and astronomy lead the charge in this animated series. Best friends Sean and Sydney make friend with the new neighbourhood kid, Jet Propulsion. Little do they know, he’s an alien from planet Bortron 7. This terrific trio explore the stars in the sky, what makes the world go around, the planets and so much more. Their out-of-this-world-adventures also teach them about life, friendship and teamwork. Buckle up and get set for Ready Jet Go!, every day at 08:00 CAT Kwesé Kids (Ch 500).

Little girls will look up to her and parent can’t help but love the innocence of Gigi. Every little girl dreams of being a princess.  But for Gigi, it is more than just a dream. She knows she is a princess. She’s a heavenly princess. And through her many adventures, reminds us all that we are important and are princesses too. Go on the many exciting adventures with Gigi, daily at 07:50 CAT on Kwesé Kids (Ch 500).

It’s a stampede of animals! In this exciting new kiddie show with no dialogue, a different animal finds itself with a problem only it can have. The zebra’s stripes are mixed up, the octopus can’t get anything done with its tentacles having other ideas and the giraffe also in a peculiar position. No matter the challenge they each face, they also learn a valuable life lesson. Wake up early and watch the cute Animanimals, every day at 06:00 CAT on JimJam (Ch 525).

Even though these adorable characters keep the little ones glued to the screen, rest assured they impart valuable life lessons to all of us watching! Be sure to get Kwesé TV to make memories for you and your little one.

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