Meet brand new pals on Kwesé TV | Kwesé

Meet brand new pals on Kwesé TV

Meet brand new pals on Kwesé TV

12:30 SAST | 03 Aug 2018

Here at Kwesé TV, we want your down time to be filled with magical adventures, brave quests and villain-busting fun! So, don't miss a second; grab your buddies, settle in with your favourite snack and become absorbed by new worlds, new friends and fresh all-new escapades.

He's back! Jabu's Jungle S3 premieres Monday, 6 August at 10:30 CAT on Kwesé Kids (Ch 500). Your favourite jungle adventurer is up to all sorts of new adventures all whilst shaking to the beat of his magical, talking African drum. But, it's not all fun and games, Jabu takes his role as the jungle's protector very seriously and is always helping its inhabitants along the way. From dealing with pollution in the jungle's river to helping a mummy chicken find her little chicks, he's our very own African hero! But, you don't have to trust us, watch it for yourself!

They're faithful. They're loyal. They'll serve you with no questions asked until their last dying breath. But, only if you're villainous! They're Minions, Sunday, 12 August at 20:00 CAT on Kwesé Movies 1 (Ch 115). We were first introduced to these cute, yellow, banana-obsessed creatures in Despicable Me, where they were serving the oh-so awful Gru. Now, we take a trip back in time, to the dawn of the minions, back to where it all began. Who was the first villain they served? What happens when they have no one to serve? And, how did they land up serving Scarlet Overkill, the world's first ever female super-villain?

Watch as your favourite coloured building blocks and characters come alive in LEGO Nexo Knights, weekdays, from 6 August at 06:40 CAT on Toonami (Ch 510). The Nexo Knights are here and they're not playing around. Meet Clay, Aaron, Lance, Axl and Princess Macy, an all-new crew of superheroes who defend a medieval yet oddly futuristic land. Think helmets and armour meets technologically advanced viruses. It's up to them to protect the next-level, high-tech Kingdom of Knighton at all costs. Will they be able to stop Jestro before he uses the stolen Book of Monsters to take over?

"I like to move it move it // I like move it move it // Ya like to... MOVE IT!" All Hail King Julien is back with brand new episodes from Monday, 6 August at 18:30 CAT on DreamWorks (Ch 505). The world's most marvellous booty-shaking party animal is back, but this time his kingdom is in trouble. King Julien has been forced to flee with his trusted advisor Maurice as the tyrannical Koto takes over. But, Mort, the cutest but fiercest bug-eyed lemur you've ever seen, is on the case and has more than a few tricks up his sleeve...

So, get Kwesé TV now and enter a world of magical adventures.

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