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Chilled evenings with Kwesé TV

Chilled evenings with Kwesé TV

15:15 SAST | 10 Aug 2018

What shows are we talking about? VICE, King of the Road, Dark Waters: Murder in the Deep and Dr. Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet. You're in for several spoils, courtesy of Kwesé TV!

Here's what you need to know about these upcoming shows:

VICE S6 on Vice (Ch 135), Thursdays at 21:00 CAT
This show covers, hard-hitting news stories that don't sometimes get the media attention they require. Shane Smith, hosts this informative show which features segments from prominent correspondents from around the world. Viewers will be treated to current affairs, entertainment and general news from around the world.

King of the Road on Vice (Ch 135), Tuesdays from 14 August at 21:50 CAT
This show features the infamous American road trip, taken by three skater teams. This is Thrasher Magazine's annual scavenger hunt and the teams are pushed to their limits. The three teams are as competitive as they come - and they are not afraid to show it. There are some shocking moments when extreme stunts are performed and various other OMG! moments that will leave you gasping at the extent teams are willing to go to, to win.

Dark Waters: Murder in the Deep on Investigation Discovery (Ch 430), Tuesdays from 14 August at 21:00 CAT
Maritime murders are slowly gaining traction and this show investigates some of the worst murders covered up by a sea of water. Bubbling over with jealousy, rage, greed and an extreme need for control, these are some emotions that spill out when gruesome maritime murders are investigated. Two couples arrive at a remote island, separately, but only one returns home. It takes years for the police to uncover exactly how one couple ended deep under water. Tune in to uncover other dark water secrets.

Dr. Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet
One of the greatest connections we make is with our pets and when they are sick or something bad happens to them, we also feel the pain. Luckily for us Dr. Jeff comes to the rescue with his magnificent staff of thirty experienced vets. They will do anything to save the animals and their strength and abilities are admirable. Tune in to see them in action.

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