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Edutainment for the kids this week

Edutainment for the kids this week

10:15 SAST | 10 Sep 2018

Kwesé TV brings you one step closer to your favourite furry friends and an undiscovered world this week, with our great line-up of must-watch shows. Tune in to be entertained by the like of The Incredible Dr. Pol, My Pet and Me: Vet Tales and Secrets of the Underground.

My Pet & Me: Vet Tales on CBeebies (Ch 520), weekdays at 08:20 CAT, sees animal experts Ferne and Rory school children on how to cope and help animals that may be in need of seeing a vet. What are some warning signs you need to watch out for and what can you do to help your pet when they are in need. It's educational, it's fun and it's entertaining and you definitely have to watch it. Ferne and Rory know a lot about animals and the their health and in their friendly way, they can be all the help your furry friend needs.

The Incredible Dr Pol on Nat Geo WILD (Ch 436), weekdays at 16:25 CAT is back in action! Dr. Jan Pol has dedicated his entire life to taking care and helping animals by finding effective ways to maintain their well-being. Driven by his love and dedication to the betterment of animals, tune in to see him and his team in action as they save one animal at a time, caught in desperate situations it's a chase to the end to save every animal possible. In the fifth season they are back in business in Michigan at Pol Vet Services to meet the demands on their growing cliental. From farm calls to clinic emergencies Dr. Pol will literally go to the ends of the world if he could to save an animal in need.

Secrets of the Underground on Discovery Science (Ch 425), weekdays at 16:50 CAT brings you closer to a world you would have never imagined. Rob Nelson, Emmy Award-winning explorer and ecologist goes down deep to unearth fascinating archaeological and architectural mysteries. Sparing no expense and leaving no stones unturned, Nelson travels throughout America seeking out the dark beauty of its underworld. Catch him in action as he dives deep into the sea, in search of an infamous pirate city which sunk many years ago. It's believed that valuable treasure might have sunk with the ship. Could state-of-the-arts technology reveal its location or is it lost forever, let's investigate.

For these and other must-watch edutainment shows, get Kwesé TV, the world awaits.

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