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Music at the Heart of Zambian culture

Music at the Heart of Zambian culture

13:30 SAST | 05 Oct 2018

Even if you don't know the words, you're probably familiar with a song. A great beat and catchy tune make for the perfect ingredients for creating a great song.

Zambia is a country rich with cultural heritage and influence and this week Trace Africa (Ch 615) takes viewers on a musical journey to this beautiful African country. A country that has given us great names such as Amayenge, a much loved and respected Zambian band with popular albums like Mangoma kulila (2006) and Chishango (2011) has been a favourite for many. Pontiano Kaiche with album Insaka (2013) and the Sakala Brothers with albums Londole (1998), Sandra (2001), Manzi Amoyo (2002) and Born in Matero (2013), these artists are paving the way for upcoming artists to shine and excel.

With more than 70 ethnic groups and six official languages, Zambia prides itself with its diversity in music, culture and beliefs. The culture of music in Zambia is a huge part of the communal make-up and celebrating music at every occasion, has become an integral part of their religious, and  social makeup.

Over the years Zambia's popular music landscape has managed to birth a new sound, referred to as Zed Beats, and a variant of hip-hop referred to as Zed Hip-Hop. The music industry in Zambia has made such strides and it's gaining international recognition. Celebrate one of Africa's greatness with us on Trace Africa (Ch 615)'s Focus: Zambian Hits, Saturday, 13 October at 14:00 CAT.

Put on your dancing shoes and enjoy the  incredible talent that  Zambia has to offer this October right here on Kwesé as we bring you banging tunes that will have you dancing away for hours on end.

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