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Tech Meets Fashion

Tech Meets Fashion

14:15 SAST | 05 Oct 2018

The fashion industry is famous for its innovation and the last decade is proof of this. From the invention of the sewing machines to the introduction of online shopping, the fashion world is constantly evolving to meet consumer needs and improve customer experiences. And they've manage to always keep the consumer wanting for more.

In recent years, an unlikely trend has been taking the industry by storm. Fashion designers and technology companies have been collaborating to weave in smart technologies into ordinary fabric, creating stylish garments that serve greater functions than merely dressing for the sake of covering one's body. From Serena Williams' catsuit which was made to help with blood clots to smartwatches that allow you to hail for a cab from your wrist, the fashion and tech industries have entered into a marriage that  has given birth to an industry that will find its self in a great space as we head into the fourth industrial revolution.

This October, tune in to Fashion's Future, on Fashion Television (Ch 450), Mondays at 21:30 CAT and meet the people behind the ideas and trends. Witness the complete process of fashion design, and learn how technology continues to reshape the fashion industry. 

From smart jackets, which are designed to make cyclers lives a lot easier by allowing them to change music, answer calls and track your physical activity and heart rate as you ride to Bluetooth earphones, one can't deny that the future of fashion is one that has our best interest at heart.

From that clothes that look after our hearts to clothes that feed our vanity. Stay tuned to Fashion Television (Ch 450) and catch Dress Me Friday's at 21:30 CAT and watch as everyday people are transformed to potential runway models.



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